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As a pet owner, you probably know that pet hair is a massive challenge for anyone wanting to keep their home spotless. Most furry pets shed, and some of them shed like crazy. Did you know, that a cat can shed more than 320.000 hairs in one day. That's a lot of hair for you to clean up.

Trying to get rid of all that pet hair can be stressful. You may need to vacuum every day and keep those lint rollers rolling.

We love our pets, but don't you just wish there was a way for you to keep that pet hair from invading your home without all that hard work?

The answer to your problem is a robotic vacuum. It will let you keep your home clean and significantly reduce that loose pet hair while you enjoy more important things.

robotic vacuum mapping floors

What is a robot vacuum?

A robotic vacuum (robot vacuum, robovac) is a vacuum cleaner that navigates it's way around your home vacuuming your floors and carpets. Sometimes you see these appliances referred to as roombas, after the Roomba line-up from iRobot. They were actually the first company to design a robot vacuum that became popular and went to mass production in 2002.

The idea of a robot vacuum is simple: it is a robot that vacuums your home. It can use different types of navigation technology to find its way around your home while using suction and a brush roll to clean the floors and carpets.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum cleaning floors

Often these vacuums are round or d-shaped, and they fit under furniture and appliances. They may use bumpers or cliff-sensors to find their way around objects and walls, although advanced robots also use laser navigation and precisely map out your home.

You can start a cleaning cycle remotely from an application from wherever you are, and the robot independently cleans your floors.

Some of the vacuums with less-advanced navigation systems randomly go around the room, but the recent models actually calculate the optimal route and make sure they clean every inch before they finish and automatically return to the dock. And if they run out of battery while cleaning, many models return to their base for juicing up and automatically continue the cycle when the battery is full.

Robot vacuums can be scheduled to clean automatically several times a week. Some of the most advanced models even have a self-emptying home base, which empties the dust bin of the robot up to 30 times before you need to change the disposable bag.

Robotic vacuums have become popular in recent years due to huge advancements in technology. Just a few years ago, robovacs still had many features that needed developing while the price was still high for the average consumer. However, as the engineering and design have developed, the prices have come down. Now, these incredibly helpful machines are quickly becoming popular because they help us handle our busy lives.

If you want to learn more about robotic vacuums, check out our top picks for pet homes and our detailed buying guide, which will help you understand all those advanced features.

Should you get a robot vacuum if you have pets?


If you're not sure if a robotic vacuum is something you should invest in, you should know that most users would recommend getting a robotic vacuum an a majority of users only wish they had bought one earlier. That says a lot about how useful these automatic vacuums can be.

Of course, you won't be totally liberated from the troublesome chore of vacuuming. The robot won't be able to access areas like your couch and stairs, which means that you will have clean those areas yourself every now and then.

But. Because the robotic vacuum takes care of all the upkeep vacuuming, it will significantly reduce your need to vacuum.

True story: I used to do a quick cleanup with my Dyson every single day. That was the only way to keep the pet hair from accumulating. Now I only give my couch a quick cleanup once a week and vacuum those areas the robot can't reach once a month. As you can see, my robot vacuum is a huge time saver!

With a cat or dog (or several) wafting hair, dander, and dust into the air as they go, most of it will land on your floor when it settles. To keep your home clean you need to make sure you keep up and don't let that dirt and hair pile up. But that's a lot of work – and something you could have a robot do for you.

xiaomi roborock 2 charging

Robotic vacuums are a fantastic choice for pet homes because they can be programmed to do a daily cleaning cycle. Because all the pet hair, dust, and dander get picked up from the floor every day, it will result in your whole home being cleaner. With less dust and hair to be wafted around, your furniture needs a vacuuming less often.

And all of this is done while you are at work or enjoying your life. How great is that?

A robotic vacuum is not just about having a clean home. It's also about having more time to spend with your family and friends. It's about using the latest technology to your advantage and making life more comfortable. Most people lead busy lives and getting a robotic vacuum is investing in yourself and your quality of life.

In homes with animals that shed, a robotic vacuum is an excellent choice. It will help you keep your home clean and help you win the battle against pet hair.

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Matt Clayton
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