What should I expect to pay for a robot vacuum for pet hair?

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Many people are tempted by the idea of letting a robot vacuum do all the vacuuming, but they are not sure whether it is a good investment. Some might have an older robotic vacuum that has not been up to the task of efficiently cleaning a pet home, or maybe their friends have low-cost robotic vacuums that don’t seem to work as they should.

Or maybe you’ve seen a high-end Roomba and your not sure if you need to spend all that money to get what you need – a well-performing and functional robotic vacuum.

The truth is that many robotic vacuums are extremely advanced and you can find excellent products in all price ranges.

However, many products are just not up to par and making the wrong choice can be a waste of your money.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum charging

When you consider how much you should pay for a robot vacuum, you need to understand a few basic features of robotic vacuums. In this article, we'll first explain which features in robotic vacuums are critical for homes with pets. Then, we'll give you a rough estimation of how much you should expect to pay for a robot vacuum that can tackle pet hair and other pet-related messes.

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    The most important features of a robot vacuum

    Robot Vacuum Neato Botvac 6D

    Runtime and the size of the cup

    Runtime and the size of the dirt cup are things you need to consider: If you have a large house and several pets, you need a robot with a long runtime and a large dirt cup.


    To get that pet hair into that dirt cup, you need a strong suction. And the stronger the suction and motor, the more the vacuums costs. If you have mainly bare floors and a few low-pile area rugs, you can probably get away with any of these robotic vacuums.

    But if you have medium to high-pile carpets and more than one pet, you should make sure you choose a high-performing robot vacuum with strong suction and advanced brush rolls.

    Technology and navigation 

    These days, most robot vacuums have wifi-connectivity, which makes them easy to use remotely. You can find some older discounted models without Wi-Fi, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one. Also, navigation is another feature that has been dramatically improved in the last few years.

    You might feel tempted to go for an older robot that is on the sale, but you are probably going to be disappointed. While older robots clean randomly and may miss spots, the new models have advanced navigation that allows them to map the home and to use the floorplan to find the optimal route.

    How much should I expect to pay for a robotic vacuum for pet hair?

    Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum cleaning floors

    You should expect to spend anything between 150 and 1200 dollars for a robotic vacuum.

    With robotic vacuums, it is very important you compare the products and decide which features you want to invest in.

    Budget options

    If you choose to go with a budget product, you need to be aware it won’t perform as well as the more expensive ones. However, there are some excellent affordable options out there as well.

    You can find a decent product under 200US, but many of the cheaper vacuums are not worth your money, so you need to know your products.

    Midrange products

    Choosing a midrange product around 400-600 dollars will give you many advanced features and a better cleaning experience while not having to pay for the cutting edge features. In this price range, you can find many products that are very capable of dealing with pet hair - even on carpets and rugs.

    Top products

    However, if you want the ultimate hands-off cleaning experience, you should definitely invest in a Roomba i7+ or Roomba s9+. They offer a highly customizable cleaning experience, and they even come with a self-emptying home base!

    Make an educated choice

    If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can also find excellent products in the lower price range. Just make sure the price-quality ratio is just right.

    To help you make an educated choice, we have chosen the best robotic vacuums for pet homes and reviewed the products. You can also compare them against each other to see which features you want to invest in.

    Just remember, that because technology is continually making huge advancements, you should rather stretch your budget a bit than settle for a product you know is out of date or doesn’t have the crucial features.

    At its best, a robot vacuum will independently give your home a thorough vacuuming while you’re at work or enjoying your free time.

    It can significantly reduce the time you need to spend cleaning your home and really have a positive impact on your life. 

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