Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

This new cordless vacuum from Shark has many innovative features to provide excellent performance and ease of use in vacuuming. It is a very handy vacuum to fight that pet hair all over your house.

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* Since then, Shark released a new stick vacuum with longer runtime. You can read our review of Shark f80 here.

At a glance

This new release from Shark has quickly gained good ratings and praising testimonials. Shark IONFlex DuoClean comes with strong suction, excellent performance in many areas and some smart features. There are some shortcomings as well, but all in all, this is a reliable all-around stick vacuum worth the money. Click here to read real user reviews on Amazon.

  • Cordless with a removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Bagless with dirt cup
  • DuoClean Technology on cleaning head for all floor surfaces
  • Washable pre-motor and post-motor filters
  • MultiFLEX Technology enables you to reach under furniture
  • Headlights for better visibility
  • Free-standing in storage mode and easy to store
  • Runtime of 22-44 minutes depending on the job and batteries
  • High power mode for tough tasks
  • 8.7 pounds
  • 13.4 x 10.2 x 45.9 inches
  • 5-year limited warranty


+  Powerful suction for a cordless vacuum
+  Works great on pet hair
+  Long run time of up to 22 minutes with one battery
+  You can have two batteries to lengthen runtime
+  Great performance on floors and carpets with DuoClean brush roll
+  Washable filters
+  Controls within easy reach
+  Attachments include Duster Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Wide Upholstery Tool and Anti-Allergen Dust Brush
+  Excellent warranty of five years


-  No HEPA grade filter available
-  Small dirt cup
-  Only free-standing in storage mode
-  Quite heavy for a stick vacuum

  • Performance

  • Ease of Use

  • Quality

  • Price


Summed up

The Shark IONFlex Duo clean vacuum has quickly become one of the best pet hair vacuums and bestselling stick vacuums. It has a powerful suction and an innovative DuoClean brush roll head with two different types of brushes to provide excellent results on both carpets and hard floors.

The runtime is up to 22 minutes per battery, but you also have the option of getting two batteries and changing once the first runs out. This vacuum comes with a nice set of attachments, washable filters and MultiFLEX technology combined with headlights to make cleaning under furniture easier.

All in all, it is a reliable and sturdy yet compact vacuum for battling that pet hair.

Our rating

Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum Full review


The Shark IonFlex DuoClean Cordless stick vacuums boast some superb, innovative features. The DuoClean double brush roll head and a Multiflex freestanding mode are two of the added features that make this vacuum cleaner a practical choice for a stick vacuum.

Add a rechargeable battery, headlights, washable filter, and impressive warranty, and you have an excellent, easy-to-use stick vacuum for any home.

This vacuum is one of the rising stars steadily getting good reviews from happy users. For a pet owner, it offers convenience and effortless cleaning in many areas of your home. It performs best on floors, but with an added Shark Motorised Pet Tool you can add more adaptability in other areas as well.

Shark is known for reasonably priced and innovative quality products. They offer this vacuum a limited warranty of 5 years, which can be seen as an indication of durability and reliable built. We are pleased to see Shark make so many upgrades by adding innovative features, which says they are continually working to provide users with better vacuuming experiences than before.

The Shark IONFlex DuoClean has been widely advertised on TV, and you’ve probably seen the commercials promising everything between heaven and earth. Though many features sound amazing, there are also some downfalls infomercials don’t tell you about.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product, but there are some shortcomings I want you to be aware of before deciding if this is the ideal pet hair vacuum for you. In this review, I will go through all the essential features, with their pros and cons laid out.

Key Features

One of the innovative features Shark IonFLEX DuoClean stick vacuum has is the DuoClean Technology of the brush roll head.

Most vacuums have a brush roll tool with one spinning brush, which is usually designed to function on both carpets and hard floor. As these surfaces are very different, they also require different cleaning tactics. The effectiveness of the brush roll can suffer because the design is a compromise between two ideals. In some vacuums, you have separate floor heads for carpets and hard floor, but in that case, you have to change the head when you move from a surface to another.

Shark has solved this problem by placing two brush rolls in one vacuuming head. The first brush roll is soft and dense.  It is designed to capture fine dust and larger pieces of debris on hard surfaces. It gives the floor a polished look and is very good at picking up dirt of all sizes.

When you move from hard floor to carpet, the second brush roll comes into play. The stiff bristles of this second brush dig deep into carpets and pull out hair and dirt. You don’t have to change the attachment; you just switch modes on the control display. It's quick and simple!

Though the DuoClean system seems like a perfect feature, and it actually is very functional and practical, there are two con’s I would like to mention. Firstly, according to user experience and reviews, long pet hair can get caught around the brush rolls, and you have to remove it by hand. Secondly, to capture larger pieces of dirt, you need to move the vacuum slowly. If you make quick passes on a hard floor, you will just end up flinging the debris around.

Even with these minor flaws taken into account, the DuoClean technology used in the IonFLEX vacuum is still very handy and convenient. The effectiveness of the brush roll head is one of the reasons this vacuum cleaner is so good with pet hair, and not having to change cleaning head mid vacuuming is a very helpful feature.

In this vacuum you can control the speed of the brush roll and suction power. The controls are easily accessible and managed simply with the tip of your thumb. Just choose floor or carpet setting from the display to control the brush roll, and turn the extended runtime mode to max power function when you’re dealing with a difficult vacuuming job.

The display also has a brush roll indicator light which turns red if the brush roll gets jammed. This feature could come handy for pet owners with pets that have long hair. As I mentioned before, some users have had trouble with long pet hair getting tangled in the brush. If this happens, you can quickly detach the brush roll for cleaning, but you have to pull out the hair manually.

Still, the controls are conveniently situated and allow you to regulate the runtime provided by the battery in relation to the vacuuming task at hand.

The IonFLEX DuoClean vacuum is something between a stick vacuum and an upright vacuum. It isn’t as lightweight as many other stick vacuums, but on the other hand, it is cordless and slimmer than most uprights.  Lightweight stick vacuums don’t always have a free-standing feature, which means you have to prop them up against something or leave them laying on the floor when not in use. Uprights, on the other hand, are heavy, which allows them to stand on their own, but they can be awkward to move around.

Shark has developed an innovative freestanding and storing system for this vacuum. The vacuum can be folded in half revealing the hose that keeps both ends of the wand together but allows bending at the joint. When you fold down the motorized part, the weight will be distributed so that the vacuum will stand on its own.

There is also another purpose for the folding wand, as it enables you to vacuum under furniture without having to bend down yourself. Shark has also added headlights to this vacuum, which make it even easier to catch all those piles of pet hair hiding under the bed.

For storing purposes the folding mechanism is pretty practical, but for resting the vacuum while you move furniture out of the way or pick something up, it is not very functional. If you need to let go of the vacuum for a brief moment, it is easier to lay it down. The folding system is not the ideal solution for a free-standing vacuum, but as a feature to help you reach under furniture, it is handy.

Many people are not sure if a stick vacuum would be sufficient for their cleaning needs. Often I get asked if cordless vacuums have enough power and battery life for an acceptable runtime. After all, a vacuum that doesn’t have enough run time in it to vacuum everything you need is not very useful.

Shark has solved this problem by adding a removable and rechargeable battery to the design of this vacuum. When you’re vacuuming and run out of charge, you can just switch batteries and continue with your task. This feature is very convenient and advertised as an innovation that will allow you to ”always be charging.” This statement is somewhat misleading, as the battery takes 3.5 hours to charge fully. Yes, you can always be charging, but because the charging time is significantly longer than the runtime, you will not be able to vacuum continuously with just two batteries.

Having said that, the runtime for one fully charged battery is 15-30 minutes depending on the tools you use and surface you are using them on. On average the run time is 22 minutes. With two batteries you will have a runtime of up to 44 minutes, which is excellent for a cordless vacuum. You can compare this number with Dyson V8 which has a run time of 40 minutes, but no second battery option.

Having the option to change the battery is excellent. You can charge the batteries on a separate charger, or you can just plug in the vacuum. One way or another, you have up to 44 minutes of suction power at hand.

The IonFLEX DuoClean converts to a handheld vacuum and can be used with many different kinds of cleanups using various attachments. This feature is something I like to find in a top-rated pet hair vacuum. If your vacuum cleaner doesn't allow you to vacuum everywhere around the house, pet hair will find a place to hide.

Although the vacuum quickly converts to a handheld vacuum by simply detaching the wand, as a handheld vacuum, it is a bit heavy. There are many attachments that allow you to use the handheld vacuum all around your house from small nooks to the ceiling.

I think the added versatility is a huge bonus, and I find the attachments to be innovative and well thought out.


There are three filters in the IonFLEX DuoClean vacuum. There are two pre-motor filters; one of them a felt filter and the other made of foam. The third filter is a post-motor filter, which ensures that the air leaving the vacuum is clean.

We would like to see a HEPA filter in this vacuum because many pet owners deal with allergies.  It does have Anti-Allergen technology, but it is not as effective as HEPA filters. Fortunately, you have other similar options available with HEPA filters if you should need one.


Pet Hair Removal

The Shark IonFLEX DuoClean gets excellent reviews on its ability to vacuum pet hair.

For cleaning any dirt of carpets, rugs and hard floors you have the DuoClean cleaning head, which does a great job with pet hair as well. Some users have found long hair to get tangled on the brush rolls, but fortunately, the brush rolls are easily removed and cleaned if this happens.

What I would like to see added to the attachments that come with this vacuum is the Shark Motorised Pet Tool. It is a very functional attachment and a must for any pet owner with the need to vacuum bedding, upholstered items or the car. You can purchase this tool separately, but at the moment it is not included in the deal.


On carpets and rugs, the Shark IonFLEX is very capable. With the DuoClean head, it is easy to move from hard floors to carpets without having to change cleaning heads.

The DuoClean head has a second brush roll with stiff bristles that can dig up pet hair and dirt from between the piles of the carpet. The brush grasps the dirt, and the suction then pulls everything in.

The results are excellent for pet hair, fine dust, and bigger debris as well.

Bare Floors

Again, on hard floors, the DuoClean system is what makes the difference. You don’t have to switch attachments when you move from one surface to another because Shark has combined two brush rolls in one cleaning head.

In addition to the stiff brush roll, you have another softer brush, which firmly engages hard floors and gives them a thorough clean and a polished look.


With this Shark vacuum, you only get a Wide Upholstery Tool, which is designed for removing hair and such from upholstered furniture.

I would like to see a motorized tool for this purpose, as they are often the most effective. This attachment has a felt lining to attract pet hair, but it does not reach the same excellent results as the Dyson Mini Motorized tool does. For some basic removal of pet hair on your couch it is ok, but with heavy-duty jobs on your furniture, it won’t perform as well as you would need it to.

You can buy theShark Motorised Pet Tool as an add-on, which is great, but it adds to the price of this vacuum. The tool itself is convenient and works well on hair and dust, so if you have pets and you need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your furniture, you should get the add-on as well.


This Shark stick vacuum comes with a nice bunch of attachments. For cleaning floors, you have the DuoClean brush roll head, which will take care of carpets and hard floor. You also have four other tools to offer versatility. They can be used with the extension wand or not, so you can reach all areas of your home; high and low, open surfaces, crevices and delicate objects included.

The 8-inch combination of crevice tool and dusting tool is called the Duster Crevice Tool. It turns from a crevice tool to a long duster brush by sliding the brush towards the tip of the tool. You also get the Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, which can be used for dusting delicate objects and removing allergens. And also, you get a Dusting Brush for basic dusting and a Wide Upholstery Tool for fabrics.

There are different models of this vacuum available, and they all come with different sets of attachments. You can buy the vacuum with one or two batteries, or you can get buy the second battery separately later on if you feel you need one.

Also, if you are using the vacuum on upholstered furniture, bedding or car, you should get Shark Motorised Pet Tool. It is a great little tool that will pick up even the most stubborn pet hair from fabrics.

Pros & Cons


+  Offers strong suction for a cordless vacuum
+  Very efficient in picking up pet hair
+  Runtime 22 minutes with one rechargeable battery
+  You can buy more batteries to lengthen the runtime
+  DuoClean brush roll ensures excellent performance on both floors and carpets
+  Three washable filters to remove particles from exhaust air
+  Easy-to-use display to control the speed of brush roll and suction power
+  Headlights for visibility under furniture
+  Attachments include Duster Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Wide Upholstery
     Tool and Anti-Allergen Dust Brush
+  Durability guaranteed with a 5-year warranty


-  Does not have a HEPA filter
-  Dirt cup small if your pets shed even a moderate amount of hair
-  The freestanding mode is not very handy
-  Not as lightweight as users would like

Shark vs. Dyson

This is something I want to bring up since the Dyson V8 and Shark IonFLEX DuoClean stick vacuums are often compared. They look quite similar and have many almost identical features. If you want to compare these two vacuums, one of my readers has provided us with an in-depth analysis of the similarities and differences. You can have a look at the comparison here or read the full review of Dyson V8 here.

Also, you can find the essential information on the comparison in this table.

dyson v8 shark ionflex duoclean comparison table

Summing Up

The IonFLEX DuoClean is a new innovative stick vacuum from Shark vacuums. It has many useful features like the MultiFlex mode, which enables you to reach under furniture without bending down and offers freestanding storage.

Another new feature is the removable and rechargeable battery with the option to purchase a second battery if you need one. You also get the DuoClean cleaning head and a fantastic warranty of 5 years.

There are some drawbacks also, like the fact that you need to purchase a second battery and the motorized upholstery tool separately. But with everything brought together, this is a very useful stick vacuum with impressive features and competitive pricing.

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