Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum (SV780) review

This Shark handheld vacuum for pet hair is an affordable, handy and versatile vacuum for removing pet hair and doing small cleanups around the house.

Last Updated on November 6th

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At a glance

A great little all-rounder for any house with a reasonable price tag. Very powerful for a cordless handheld vacuum and works great when removing pet hair on different surfaces. Click here to read real user reviews on Amazon.

  • Cordless, but very powerful
  • Bagless with easy-to-empty dirt cup
  • Twister Cyclonic Technology for strong and consistent suction
  • TruePet Motorized Pet Brush works great on stubborn pet hair
  • Rechargeable 18V battery, with a mountable charging stand
  • Dusting brush and crevice tool add versatility
  • 4,2 pounds
  • 4.6 x 15.7 x 6.1 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty

+ Works great on hard floors and upholstery
+ TruePet Motorized Brush is great at removing pet hair
+ Easy to use
+ Easily stored with the charging stand
+ Batteries can be replaced if needed
+ The added brush and crevice tool makes this an all-around vacuum for small cleanups

- Long charging time needed for full charge
- Some people find it hard to maneuver without a swivel head
- No HEPA-filter

Summed up

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect 2 Handheld Vac SV780 is one of the top handheld vacuums designed particularly for pet owners. With three attachments it can be used on all different surfaces, and according to user experiences, this vacuum is great for removing pet hair. If you’re looking for a small and reasonably priced but quality vacuum to help with little cleanups and removing pet hair, this vacuum is a great choice for you.

Our rating

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II full review


The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect 2 Handheld Vac is one of the handheld vacuum cleaners on the market that are specifically designed having pet owners in mind. There are several features in this vacuum that benefit pet owners trying to keep their house and car free of pet hair.

As the name suggests, this vacuum is perfect for removing pet hair, but it is also an all-around aid for small cleanups throughout the house.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum is a cordless yet powerful hand vacuum that comes with three handy attachments, a good sized dirt cup and a charging stand that can be mounted to a wall. It’s small, efficient and it has a reasonable price tag.

This model offers a good suction level, making it ideal for cleaning pet hair on carpets and upholstery. The TruePet Motorized Pet Brush attachment lifts up pet hair embedded deep in the upholstery or carpet allowing the pet hair to be sucked up by the vacuum. According to reviews by people using this product, this device is a powerful pet hair vacuum, but it can also be used on many other vacuuming jobs around the house.

The Pet Perfect II comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. Its charging stand does not consume a lot of storage space, and the stand has spots for all of the tools. This charging stand can be considered as one of the practical little features of this vacuum, as it is designed to offer compact storage and easy access. When you’re not using the vacuum cleaner, you just place it on the stand allowing it to charge, and the vacuum is ready for the next use.

Key Features

The one feature that pet owners love in this vacuum is the TruePet Motorized Pet Brush attachment. This motorized pet brush is designed to offer high-quality performance in removing dirt and pet hair, especially with surfaces such as carpets, carpeted stairs, as well as upholstery items. The bristles on the brush are long but stiff, allowing the brush to get deep into carpets or fabrics cleaning them thoroughly.

According to user reviews, this hand vacuum does an excellent job when it comes to picking up pet hair from different surfaces thanks to this practical tool. The TruePet Motorized Pet Brush gets very good reviews and makes this vacuum one of the most effective handheld vacuums on the market in removing pet hair.

You can use this tool for most surfaces, but you do have two other attachments as well. For example, if you need to pass through a surface with some larger chunks of dirt and debris, the motorized brush might not be the best tool, and you may want to use the crevice or the brush tool first for debris, and then the motorized brush for finer dirt.

This vacuum comes with the Shark Twister Cyclonic Technology, which works by keeping dirt and hair away from the opening of the filter.

By doing so, the performance of the vacuum is maintained at all times while the dust cup continues to fill up. All pet owners know how pet hair can get piled up in front of the filter clogging the vacuum and hindering the suction.

With this very helpful feature, you can expect this vacuum to deliver consistent and strong suction throughout the cleaning process. Another great feature to help out pet owners trying to wipe out pet hair.

Despite being a cordless vacuum model, this Pet Perfect II hand vacuum cleaner is equipped with enough suction power for it to effectively deal with pet hair removal, especially when cleaning off carpets and upholstery.

Numerous reviews confirm that this vacuum is powerful and efficient, and it does a thorough job of cleaning pet hair, dust and dirt on all kinds of surfaces. All in all this vacuum boasts a strong and powerful suction compared to most products in this category.

This device is powered by a 18V nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery. It takes about 6 hours to charge, but when fully charged, you can expect it to perform the cleaning task at hand efficiently. The use of a rechargeable battery means that you no longer have to deal with the hassle often involved in using corded models. You don’t have to locate a power outlet or use extension cables to reach areas that are difficult to access.

Most reviews I read and users I contacted said that the runtime is quite short at 10-20 minutes depending on the attachment you are using, but that can be expected since powerful vacuums do consume a lot of energy. Most users still found the running time adequate, as this vacuum cleaner is mostly used for small vacuuming jobs. If you think you are going to need a longer battery life to vacuum larger areas every so often, you also have the option to have an extra rechargeable battery at hand.

Some reviews say the charging time is long and compared to other vacuums in the same category it is, but other user reviews report that in practice this isn’t a big problem. For small and sudden cleanups the battery doesn’t have to be full, and for bigger cleanups, you can wait until the battery is fully charged. Only if you expect to be using this product every hour or so, this might be a problem, and this vacuum would not be the best pick for you. Taking care of the battery according to the instructions makes sure it works for many years. Avoid charging the battery for longer periods than recommended and allow the battery to run out completely every now and then.

The standard list of accessories and attachments for this model includes a brush tool, crevice tool, as well as the motorized brush tool specifically designed to remove pet hair. Getting only three attachments in the package may seem a bit skimpy, but in this price range it is expected, and users of this vacuum do say they are more than enough to address most small cleaning problems in your house and car.

You can easily switch attachments depending on the type of dirt and surface that you are working on. For example, using the motorized brush is fine, if you are working on collecting fine debris from carpets. However, if you need to collect larger chunks of dirt and other particles, you may have to use the brush tool, because the opening of the filter is not big enough on the motorized brush. You may even choose not to use any attachment at all, as the suction power will still be enough for cleaning. There were a few reviews saying that the crevice tool should be longer to reach deep between sofa cushions and car seats, but the majority of users were happy with all three tools.


This model comes with a filter and dirt bin system which is well designed, quite large and easy to use.

Since the case is made of transparent plastic, you can easily see if it is already full.

When the dirt cup needs to be emptied, you just push the release button on the top of the vacuum and separate the motor from the cup.

With a new vacuum the release system might be a bit stiff, so you have to be careful not to let the cup pop open spilling all the dirt on the floor. The dirt cup is best emptied above a trash can to make sure all the cleaned up dirt will fall into the trash and not on your floor. With some practice emptying the cup becomes an easy task and you shouldn’t have any problems with detaching.

When cleaning the dirt cup, you can also detach and clean the filter. In this model, the filter is quite flimsy so that I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone suffering from serious allergies or sensitivity to dander or dust.

If you need a hand vacuum with sealed HEPA filtration, have a look at Dyson V6 Mattress. It is a great choice for a handheld pet hair vacuum with excellent performance and many clever attachments, but being a premium vacuum with a pretty high price, it just barely didn't make our top 5. If you are looking for HEPA filtration and you are willing to stretch your budget for a very good investment, then the Dyson V6 handheld vacuum is a top choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a basic hand vacuum to clean up dirt, dust, pet hair and other messes your pets make, the Shark Pet Perfect II is an affordable and basic yet powerful model.


Pet Hair Removal

As backed up by reviews coming from numerous pet owners, this model has been found to be effective when it comes to picking up pet hair, especially from upholstery and carpet.

The strong suction combined with the efficiency and performance of the TruePet Motorized Pet Brush makes this vacuum a great choice for someone already having the main vacuum and looking for a little helper to clear their house of pet hair and clean up after their pets. Although this vacuum could serve even as you’re the main vacuum, if you are looking for a vacuum for your trailer, camper or other small space, it is mainly designed to help pet owners in small cleanups.

One thing to note, however, is that the brush roll head in this model cannot be rotated or swiveled, which some people might find strenuous on the wrist area. If you have a lot of pet hair to clean every day on furniture and carpets, you will mostly be using the brush tool, and this can strain your wrist and arm at first. Most people should not have a problem using the vacuum, but if you feel you need a particularly lightweight vacuum, take a look at our listing of the top Shark vacuums for pet owners here.


This handheld vacuum cleaner works well on carpets, though you should keep in mind, it is designed for spot cleaning only.

The TruePet Motorized Pet Brush digs deep into carpets and efficiently beats out the dirt and hair for the vacuum to then suck up. The bristles even get to the dirt and dust ground deep in thicker carpets, but you should note that you may have to do several passes when working on medium to high pile carpets.

Bare Floors

This model has also received recognition for efficiently cleaning bare floors. This again is all because of the combination of the motorized brush as well as its amazing suction power. This combo does well in picking up pet hair and dust.

Again, it may encounter challenges when it comes to collecting bigger debris and particles because of the size of the opening on the brush roll head, but people we interviewed told us they had no problems with vacuuming particles such as spilled food pellets or cat litter.

The crevice tool may be used when cleaning baseboards, while the brush tool can be used to remove dust and crumbs from tables or other delicate hard surfaces.


The TruePet Motorized Pet Brush tool is quite handy when it comes to cleaning upholstery items. Because of the handheld design of this vacuum, you can easily point it towards creases and cracks on chairs and sofas.

Just like with carpets, this vacuum cleaner is very effective when cleaning upholstery items, thanks to the use of a motorized brush tool that thoroughly but gently brushes through the fabrics lifting up any dust and dirt.

Some users felt the crevice tool should be a bit longer to reach deep between cushions, but all in all, it was agreed that this was just a minor flaw in an otherwise functional vacuum.


The Shark Pet Perfect II hand vacuum comes with three attachments: a motorized brush roll, a brush tool, as well as a crevice tool.

There is no need to worry about the possibility of losing these tools or wondering where to store them, as they all have their spots on the charging stand where they can easily be can easily be stored when not in use.

Pros & Cons

+  Performs well on all surfaces
+  Thoroughly cleans carpets and upholstery
+  The TruePet Motorized Pet Brush is excellent for removing pet hair
+  Offers strong and steady suction
+  Small and easy to store
+  Easy to empty and clean
+  The removable batteries can be replaced
+  You can forget the hassle with power cords and finding the closest outlet
+  Versatility offered by three attachments

-  Long charging time compared to the running time provided with full charge
-  On the heavy side
-  No HEPA filtration
-  Crevice tool could be a bit longer
-  No swivel head

Summing Up

The Pet Perfect II hand vacuum is an ideal option for pet owners who are searching for an affordable cordless handheld vacuum, that will allow them to deal with pet hair removal efficiently, especially on carpets, stairs and upholstery items.

Keep in mind, though, that this model is not a replacement for a stick vacuum because it does not do well regarding reach. It also is not the best choice for someone who needs to vacuum large areas of floors or carpets.

But for someone looking for a small vacuum to do small cleanups, this could be the ideal choice. Removing pet hair, thoroughly cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstery, and taking care of small messes made by your pets are areas where this little vacuum excels. Trusted Shark quality combined with a reasonable price and high-performance level makes this vacuum one of my top 5 choices for a handheld pet hair vacuum.

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