Quick tips for removing pet hair!

Annoying pet hair everywhere?
These tips will help you keep your home tidy and free of pet hair.

30 November, 2017

Carpets and rugs

    Always use a brush roll attachment to efficiently pick up the pet hair and allow the suction of the vacuum to suck it in.

    When vacuuming, go over the areas twice making passes in different directions. Doing this should loosen up even the most persistent pet hair.

    Vacuum every day if you can. Get a vacuum that is easy to take out and use. If the task is effortless, you’re less likely to skip it. If you just don’t have the time, a robotic vacuum can take care of regular vacuuming for you.

   If your pet has an accident on your carpet, you don't need to get a professional to ensure those stains are thoroughly cleaned. With a carpet cleaner that is designed for home use, you can quickly give your carpet the deep clean it needs to prevent stains and odors from setting.


    Vacuuming is the most efficient way to remove pet hair, but if there are huge wads of pet hair floating around, even the best vacuums could get clogged.

•Use a rubber broom to collect most of the pet hair and then use the vacuum get the rest.

    If you have bare floors with hardwood or laminate, use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop to perfect the clean-up. Doing this will remove any dander, fine hairs and dust that have settled on the floor after being lifted up in the air by your vacuuming.

ginger-haired bunny


    Get a small handheld vacuum for small clean-ups on your furniture. This way you won’t have to bother with dragging out and plugging your main vacuum. Just a minute or two every day will keep the pet hair at bay.

    Use a lint roller. It is not as effective as vacuuming, but it’s a quick fix when you have unexpected guests coming over.

    Can’t find your lint roller? Use some tape. It’s not as quick and effective, but it’s better than nothing when your mother-in-law is standing on the doorstep.

    Mix fabric softener and water to spray on the upholstery. Doing this will reduce static electricity and loosen pet hair. To pick up the hair use a tape roller, rubber glove,  or a wet palm.

    Cover your furniture with blankets or towels if your pets like laying on them. It’s not pretty, but you can pop the blankets in the washer and dryer now and then to remove the pet hair.

    For wooden furniture use antistatic dusting spray and a soft cloth. The spray will reduce static electricity allowing you to collect the hair with the cloth.

border collie sitting on floor


    If you have a dryer, throw in your clothes. The washer won’t remove pet hair from your clothes, but a dryer will.

    Keep a lint roller in the hallway, in your purse, in the car. Just have one at hand no matter where you are. You’ll always be ready for a quick cleanup before meeting people.

    If you have an important meeting and there is no lint roller at hand, wet your hands and wipe your clothes with downward movement with your damp palm. This is a great quick fix when you need one.


    Brush your pets regularly with a de-shedding brush or comb designed for this purpose. Once or twice a week should do it. Do it while watching your favorite show on the couch, so you won’t have any excuses to skip the task.

    Wash your pet at least once a month with de-shedding shampoo and let them dry out outside.

    Teach your pets not to climb on furniture and get them another cozy place where they can sleep comfortably close to you.

Matt Clayton
Matt Clayton
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