Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Last Updated onSeptember 30th

Kenmore 81614 us a popular canister vacuum with strong suction, excellent performance on all floor materials and a motorized pet hair tool to tackle your pet hair problem. This is an easily maneuvered and versatile canister vacuum you can use all around your home. See the latest price here.

This Kenmore Pop-n-Go bagged vacuum is not a high-end product, but it has all the right features to make it an adaptable and high-performing canister vacuum for homes with shedding pets.

Performance and ease of use

This Kenmore canister vacuum has a dual-motor system which creates a strong suction that can pick up stubborn dirt like pet hair and soil embedded into carpets. The main vacuum head has a sturdy brush roll which can dig into carpets to lift up all that dust and dirt some vacuums struggle in pulling in.

Because of the efficient brush roll, this vacuum performs well on even high-pile carpets that can provide a real challenge – especially if you have furry pets and you need to remove all that pet hair from your carpets and rugs.

The telescopic wand offers you that extended reach you need for cleaning all areas of your home. With the wand and tools, you are able to take care of all above-floor areas that need dusting or vacuuming. It even has suction control on the handle to let you adjust the suction for vacuuming drapes and other more delicate items.

The fingertip controls are easy to use, as is the onboard storage that keeps all the tools at your reach while you move around your home. The vacuum also has a lengthy 28-foot cord with an automatic retraction system that makes it easy to pack up once you’re done.


When it comes to filtration, pet owners will be happy to know that the Kenmore 81614 vacuum has a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This means the exhaust air is cleaner and allergens such as pet dander and pollen are filtered out. The vacuum bags are also HEPA-certified and emptying the vacuum is dust-free.


The vacuum comes with two floor nozzles – the main one you can use for both hard floors and carpets, but you also get bare floor brush for delicate floor materials.

The Pop-n-Go Bare Floor Brush is always ready in the front storage case so that you can change attachments easily on the go without even bending down. Just open up the lid and pop the tool on.

You also get two basic attachments: a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Combined with the telescopic extension wand these tools allow you to reach and clean all above-floor areas like corners of the ceiling, fans, vents, baseboards, and blinds.

There is a fourth tool included, and pet owners will love it. It is the Pet PowerMate motorized brush roll tool which will wipe out all that pet hair covering your couch and other upholstered pieces of furniture.

You can use this powerful brush roll tool on carpeted stairs, car seats and other surfaces that tend to collect persistent pet hair.

Pros & Cons of the Kenmore 81614


+ Powerful motor and strong suction
+ Lightweight and easily maneuvered
+ Two floor nozzles for optimal clean on all surfaces
+ Pop-n-Go bare floor brush makes it easy to change attachments
+ Pet PowerMate motorized pet hair tool
+ Extension wand offers you more reach
+ Onboard storage for convenience
+ Easy-to-use fingertip controls on the handle
+ 28-foot cord with automatic rewind
+ Wide 14-inch cleaning path
+ HEPA filtration and HEPA-certified vacuum bags
+ Dust-free emptying


- Some users would like to see better-quality materials
- May flip onto its side if tucked on

Summing Up

This Kenmore bagged canister vacuum is an excellent choice for pet homes because it has powerful suction, motorized brush roll tools for pet hair and an effective HEPA filter. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the excellent attachments allow you to clean not only floors but above-floor areas as well.

This vacuum is compact but powerful, and it can help you keep your home pet hair-free. It is a reasonably priced, and with all the right features pet owners will find useful.

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Matt Clayton
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