How To Make The Most
Of Your Stick Vacuum?

Published on August 26th, 2020

You have a brand new stick vacuum and a home that needs cleaning. You also have furry pets, which results in pet hair everywhere, and you wish you could have one of those immaculate homes that look like the family pet doesn’t shed at all, and everything always smells nice and fresh.

So how should you use a stick vacuum to get the best cleaning results? How can a lightweight vacuum like this help you keep your home free or pet hair, dust, and other dirt?

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The key to having that perfectly clean home is routine. Instead of letting the mess build up until your weekly cleaning, you need to make a shift in the way you see cleaning. It is not something you spend the whole Saturday at; rather, it’s something that takes just a few minutes here and there.

With a lightweight and cordless vacuum, it is easier than ever to keep up with a vacuuming routine. Since you don’t have to lug out a heavy machine or find the nearest power outlet, you really don’t have any excuses not to clean up there and then when you spot something that needs vacuuming.

The easiest way to keep a stick vacuum within arms reach is to buy one that has a wall-mountable charger that holds the vacuum while it juices up. The vacuum will always be ready with a full battery when you need it and easily grabbed when placed in a convenient location.

When you have a powerful vacuum at hand, it is easy to clean up that tracked-in dirt from the hallway or the kitty litter your cat scattered all over the floor. You are much more likely to handle these kinds of messes asap when cleaning up doesn’t involve a lot of hassle with a heavy appliance that needs to be plugged in.

Because your pet won’t stop shedding, it’s vital that you keep up with the routine and do a quick cleanup every day. It will only take a few minutes to vacuum the hallway, kitchen, living area, and upholstered furniture like the couch and recliners. These high-traffic areas need cleaning more often than other areas of your home. You may also want to give your bed a quick vacuuming if your pet uses it for napping during the day.

Most lightweight stick vacuums quickly convert into a handheld stick vacuum, which is ideal for dusting and thoroughly cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Using your vacuum for dusting prevents the particles from being wafted into the air and makes the chore quick and effortless. You should vacuum above-floor areas once a week to keep the dust in your home to the minimum.

To get the most out of your stick vacuum, you should follow this routine:

Every day

  • Use the vacuum with the wand and brush roll head to vacuum high-traffic areas like the kitchen, living room, and hallway.
  • Use the handheld vacuum and upholstery tool to vacuum the couch, recliners, and other upholstered furniture. Also, vacuum the pet bed when necessary.

These two steps will only take a few minutes every day, but you will see a huge improvement in the cleanliness of your home. Plus, as the upkeep cleaning keeps your home clean on an everyday basis, you won’t have to dedicate your weekends to massive cleanup operations.

Every week

  • Use the vacuum and brush roll head to vacuum all other floor areas that have not been vacuumed during your daily cleanups.
  • Use the handheld vacuum and dusting brush to dust all above-floor surfaces
  • Use the motorized brush roll tool for carpeted stairs and furniture.

Again, with your home already basically dust and pet hair-free, your weekly cleaning session shouldn’t take long, and you can enjoy your weekend doing nicer things.

These tips will help you look at cleaning in a whole new way. Rather than being a chore, it can be something that you can naturally do while doing other stuff. With the right equipment, you won’t even notice you’re keeping your home clean while you go about your daily life. It’s just easy, effortless, and quick.

Matt Clayton
Matt Clayton
Chief Editor & Founder of PetHairPatrol

Matt is the founder of and has years of experience helping pet owners keep their homes clean. He's been featured in publications like Reader's Digest, Money, and BestLifeOnline. When this neat freak is not searching for better ways to get rid of pet hair, dander, and other messes pets leave behind, he's usually enjoying outdoors with his two (hairy) Goldens: Ben and Jerry. Read more.

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