How to Get Dog Hair
Out of Carpet

Bottom line: you need the right equipment

If you're a pet owner and you have carpets in your home, you probably know it can be a challenge to keep your carpets clean and free of pet hair.

What makes pet hair so challenging to clean up is the fact that there is a neverending supply of that stuff at your home and pet hair can be quite stubborn when it grasps a hold of a surface.

Carpets can be one of the most difficult surfaces since pet hair tends to make it's way deep into the carpet. Once it's embedded, removing pet hair may seem nearly impossible. Especially that short needle-like hair tends to cling onto this type of surface, and those plush high-pile carpets together with that hair can be a nightmare.

pet hair shedding

There are some great solutions though, and with the right equipment keeping your carpet clean is not actually that difficult.

Some people suggest you use squeegees, rubber gloves, or even balloons to get dog and cat hair out of carpets. The might be a quick fix if you're desperate, but the only tool that really works and removes all that pet hair from your carpet is a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner.

Lint rollers and such are for emergencies, but if we talk about really wiping out that pet hair, then the vacuum is the king.

If you have an old vacuum cleaner that has lost its suction or you don't have the right attachments, cleaning your carpet may be a lot of sweat and mostly pet hair that won't budge. But if you have a pet hair vacuum that has the critical features, you will definitely remove pet hair from your carpet easily.

A vacuum cleaner is the best way to get dog hair out of a carpet. But first, you need to decide which type of vacuum cleaner suits your needs and home the best. These are the three most commonly used (and most effective) vacuum types for homes with pets and carpets:

Upright vacuums

If you have wall to wall carpeting in many rooms and you're struggling to keep it pet hair-free, an upright vacuum with the right features is the ultimate cleaning tool for you.

upright vacuum cleaner on carpet

Because upright vacuums are sturdy and powerful, they have the power that is needed for pulling up stubborn pet hair from carpets. There are many uprights that are targeted for pet owners, but they are not necessarily the best choice. For the vacuum to be a good investment in a pet home, it needs to have these qualities:

  • Powerful suction - A powerful suction pulls up pet hair from carpets
  • Brush roll – The brush roll will dig deep into the surface lifting up embedded pet hair
  • Large dirt cup – A large dirt cup prevents the vacuum from being clogged by pet hair
  • Extension hose and motorized brush roll tool – To reach carpeted stairs

With the powerful suction and brush roll, the vacuum will be able to dig into the carpet and bring up all that dirt and pet hair fixed firmly into the carpeting. This is the most effective way of cleaning up pet hair from carpets, and therefore every owner of a furry pet and carpeting should invest in an upright vacuum that actually works.

In addition to being powerful, the vacuum should also be easy to use. If the machine is awkward to maneuver or difficult to use, the chances are you won't be using it much. Not vacuuming regularly lets the pet hair build up, and that's why it invades your home.

Robot vacuums

If you feel like you don't have the time to vacuum, but every day there is more pet hair in the corners of your home, a robotic vacuum could be the ideal solution for you. I will significantly reduce pet hair in your home by automatically doing daily cleanups.

Robot Vacuum Neato Botvac 6D

The number one problem with pet hair is that it just keeps coming. If you have a pet that sheds, there is no way of stopping the hair from falling out. It is estimated that a cat may shed hundreds of thousands of hairs every day. EVERY SINGLE day!

You need to keep vacuuming to keep that pet hair under control. But people are busy, and vacuuming is probably on the list of your least favorite things. So why not get a robotic vacuum?

You might think that a robotic vacuum will not be able to clean your carpets, but with the advancements made in recent years, robot vacuums are actually very powerful and efficient. Just don't buy the cheapest ones, because with robotic vacuum the price really reflects the performance – especially when it comes to carpets.

The thing with robotic vacuums and pet hair is, that although the robot won't be able to vacuum your furniture, daily scheduled cleanups will reduce the pet hair that is being wafted around and leave you with very little to clean. It can reach areas like under the furniture and bed, where pet hair often hides. By keeping all floors and carpets pet hair-free, there are surprisingly few pet hairs to go around.

Also, your carpet will be cleaner because cleanups can be done more often, and pet hair is not allowed to be ground into the carpet.

If you're busy doing other things and you hate having to constantly lug out the vacuum for clearing up the pet hair, then a robotic vacuum is a perfect tool for keeping your carpets clean.

Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums are an excellent choice for those pet owners that have carpeting in maybe one or two rooms, or maybe they have a carpeted staircase.

stick vacuum for pet hair

You might also doubt the effectiveness of stick vacuums over pet hair, but these appliances, too, have made huge advancements in the last few years. They have powerful suction and brush roll bars that can lift up pet hair from carpets.

Why we recommend the stick vacuum is the fact that pet hair is a constant problem that bugs you every day. If you spend every Sunday cleaning, your home may be clean for a day or two, but pet hair quickly builds up again.

A stick vacuum is cordless and lightweight, and it's always at hand for a quick cleanup. The brush roll will keep your carpets and floors clean, but the best models are easily converted into handheld vacuums for cleaning above-floor areas as well. Because the stick vacuum is easy to grab, you can use just a few minutes every day to clean those areas that are affected most by your shedding pet.

Your carpets will always be clean because pet hair is not allowed to embed itself in them. A regular vacuuming lifts the pet hair right up and keeps those carpets clean.

Bonus tip! Carpet cleaners

Last but not least, you can use a carpet cleaner to… clean carpets! Because carpet cleaners have that powerful suction and sturdy brush roll, they will not only wash the carpet but also remove all the pet hair.

Many homeowners that have carpets think it's better to rent a carpet cleaner, but that's not necessarily true. Many modern carpet cleaners are effective and compact, which means you can have one of your own.

Actually, some of the most popular carpet cleaners do a better job than the leading rentals. And they are not even that expensive. With a couple of days renting a machine, you could spend the same money to own one.

Having a carpet cleaner of your own has one huge advantage: you can clean those stains when they are fresh! And the same goes for pet hair. If you wait a few months to rent that carpet cleaner for your bi-annual cleaning extravaganza, the pet hair will already be embedded and more difficult to remove.

With regular cleanups every month or even every two weeks, your carpets will be sparkling, and all that pet hair is gone. And because the machines are easy to use, it's not even such a chore.

Summing up - best ways to get dog hair out of carpet

There are many tips for how to get pet hair from carpets. Some experts suggest using things like lint rollers, wet rubber gloves or rubber brushes. Although a lint roller may be a quick fix if your guests are pulling into the driveway and you notice a wad of dog hair on your carpet, it is not the ideal solution for everyday cleaning.

Vacuums cleaners and carpet cleaners are definitely the most effective way of removing that dog and cat hair that so persistently seems to stick to carpeting. With just bare floors and a few low-pile area rugs in your home you may be able to get away with any vacuum cleaner, although it is far from the ideal solution to your pet hair problem.

dyson versus shark

But is you have carpets that need deep cleaning and a pet that provides a continuous supply of pet hair, it's very important you have the right equipment for cleaning.

In this case, the best and most effective tool being a vacuum cleaner with a sturdy brush bar and a powerful suction.

By investing in a suitable vacuum, you will be investing in the quality of life. It may sound like a cliche, but it's true. If the vacuum cleaner is easy to use and functional, you will spend less time vacuuming, and it won't feel like such a burdensome chore.

Also, if the vacuum does its job and wipes out that pet hair, you will have a cleaner and more hygienic home. In addition to removing pet hair, the vacuum will, of course, remove dust, dander, dust mites and other allergens to increase the indoor air quality. It's not just about having a clean home you show off to your friends, it's also about taking care of your health and hygiene. And a dirty carpet is a breeding ground for all those nasty things!

To keep your carpets clean, all you need is a great pet hair vacuum and a cleaning routine that fits in with your life.

Regular cleanup with the right tools is all it takes.

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Matt Clayton
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