Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (with pros and cons)

This cleaner from Deik is affordable and well-performing robovac. But it’s not perfect...

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At a glance

Deik robotic vacuum is very easy to use, and it’s efficient when removing pet hair and other litter from hard floors. Although it does a good job, it lacks some features that you can find from higher-end models. Click here to read real user reviews on Amazon

  • Strong suction power, 1200 Pa both on carpets and hard floors
  • Five different cleaning modes: spot cleaning, max mode, edge cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and auto cleaning
  • HEPA filters and 3D-filter
  • Built-in gyro sensors to help avoid a collision and to detect furniture
  • Automatic docking and recharging
  • Easy-to-empty large dustbin (0,9 liters)
  • Noise level: 50-60
  • 6 lbs
  • Charging time: 4,5 hours
  • Maximum run-time: 90 minutes
  • 15 months limited warranty


+ Low price compared to many of the other robotic vacuums
+ Works well on bare floors 
+ Easy to use
+ Quiet
+ Adjusts the suction power according to the surface
+ Has an extra large dustbin
+ HEPA+3D-filter is excellent for pet owners


- Will not automatically continue cleaning once re-charged
- No WI-FI and app compatibility
- On thicker pile carpet may come to halt
- Battery life could be better

Summed up

According to users this robotic vacuum from Deik does well with pet hair, dander and other dirt your pet leaves behind. This robovac is best for homes with bare floors and low-pile carpets. It’s easy to use, and the robot moves effortlessly between different surfaces. Also, it has an extra large dirt bin and HEPA filtration, which are ideal for any pet owner.

It’s not perfect, but for this price, Deik does a convincing job.

Our rating

Deik Robot - A Detailed Review


You may not have heard of Deik before, as it’s one of the less well-known brands in the market manufacturing household appliances.

However, Deiks product lines are growing fast, and they are becoming a well-recognized manufacturer of quality appliances that perform well and last long.

Praising comments on Amazon are a living proof of the fact that Deik has already gathered a loyal customer base. If your still hesitant of buying their products, it may ease your mind knowing, that Deik trusts it’s own products so much they offer a full refund policy within 30-days and a 15 months warranty for each Deik purchase made from an authorized reseller.

Deik has introduced a very compelling alternative for customers looking for a well-performing budget robot.

There are many positive features in this robovac:

  • Deik robot comes with a powerful motor and suction, making it a strong competitor among robotic vacuums.
  • It has a large dust cup compared to most of the other robotic vacuums, which is a big plus for pet owners as pet hair can take up a lot of room.
  • Deik automatically docs and recharges itself, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to charge the vacuum between vacuumings.
  • There are five different cleaning modes from which you can choose the best alternative to suit your needs – something for everyone and every situation.

Although undoubtedly there are more pros than cons in this vacuum, it does have some weak points, and it’s not the best pick for everyone. Even though this robot does well on low-pile and even medium-pile carpets, it’s no match for high-pile carpets. However, to be fair, this is the situation with all the robotic vacuums out there: they’re just not powerful enough for deep cleaning.

Also, the battery life leaves room for improvement and although it docs itself automatically, it won’t continue cleaning once re-charged. So if you have a bigger home, you may want to look at robotic vacuum with a longer runtime and one that continues cleaning automatically once re-charged.

To sum up, Deik robotic vacuum is not perfect, but flaws users have reported are small and dissatisfaction among its owners is rare. On the contrary, according to the vast majority of reviews by people using this product, Deik does a good job cleaning the floors on its own, and all in all, users are impressed on how well it is performing.

Next, let’s have a closer look at the key features.

Key Features

Deik Robotic vacuum is very easy and straightforward to use. Also, setting up and using the machine is very intuitive. This is good news, as the user manual leaves room for improvement and it could be more detailed. 

The robot comes with remote control, from which you can choose five cleaning modes by pushing a button:

1.    Auto cleaning mode/Full go-mode: In Full go-mode, Deik will automatically clean the floors until the battery is too low. After that, it returns to the charging dock until the battery is fully charged, after which it will clean the floors one more time until the battery is too low again. If your floors or carpets are really dirty, this mode is recommended.

2.    Spot cleaning-mode:  Spot cleaning is recommended for deep cleaning smaller areas covered in dirt and debris. As the name suggests, in spot cleaning-mode the robot will begin cleaning in spiral pattern leading to one-meter diameter circle.

3.    Wall following-mode: This mode is quite self-explanatory, as the robot will move to the wall and clean the floor by following the walls of the room.

4.    Turbo boost cleaning-mode: If there’s considerable dirt, pet hair or debris lying on floors, you may want to deep clean the surfaces. In turbo boost cleaning-mode the suction power is increased.

5.    Scheduling: You can schedule Deik to clean on a specific day and time.

The runtime in all other modes but turbo boost is approximately 90 minutes. With turbo boost -mode the runtime is about 40 minutes. This is understandable, as in the turbo boost-mode vacuum uses increased suction and therefore needs more power.

The different cleaning modes allow Deik to be used effectively on different surfaces, situations and according to how dirty the floors are. If you’d like to utilize Deiks’ potential fully, you can incorporate one of the cleaning modes to dry or wet cleaning.

In addition to these five cleaning modes, you can clean your floors by using the direct cleaning, i.e., clean the floors by guiding the robot just by pushing the arrow buttons in the remote control.

In terms of guiding the machine, there is one feature that is missing from this vacuum which is included in higher-end models. That is WI-FI and app compatibility. Although using the remote to guide the machine is effortless, some people prefer using an app. So if being able to give directions to your robotic vacuum via an app is crucial to you, you may want to check out our reviews on iRobot Roomba 980, Neato D6 and  Shark ION Robot 750.

Strong suction power is maybe the single most important feature in a vacuum for pet owners.

We all know, that for the vacuum to be able to tackle pet hair, it must be equipped with a powerful motor as well as strong suction. Many of us still associate robot vacuums with poor performance. However, in recent years, robovacs have developed rapidly, and they have become more powerful and efficient. Luckily there are now some powerful robots that are up for a bit heavier job than their predecessors.

Deik robotic vacuum is equipped with 1200 Pa suction power which is enough to ensure, that the robot can effectively deal with pet hair.  In fact, the suction power is very strong compared to most other robotic vacuums. The suction lifts food pellets, litter and other particles from both bare and carpeted floors. If you want to have the best sucker of the bunch and are looking for the robotic vacuum with most powerful suction, you should take a look at Roomba 980. 

I’m sure many pet owners are glad to hear that even though the vacuum is powerful, it’s not noisy. The robot runs quietly, generating only 50-60 decibels. For the reference, upright vacuums tend to produce around 90 decibels.

There’s no doubt that this vacuum does a stellar job of maintaining the cleanliness in your home. Numerous reviews confirm how efficient Deik is and that it does a thorough job of cleaning around the house on its own. However, even the most powerful robotic vacuums are not designed for deep cleaning. So especially in the case that you have thick carpeting, you should use a full-size vacuum for cleaning once in a while.

For a robotic vacuum that moves on its own around the floors, it’s obvious that its ability to navigate is a significant factor. If the robot can’t navigate properly, it won’t clean the surfaces efficiently, and it may hit the furniture or fall from the stairs.

The Deik robotic vacuum holds an upgraded navigation system that ensures the robot can orientate itself safely around the room and cover all the surfaces thoroughly. It includes gyro sensors that use advanced algorithms.

The robot maps out your home and knows how to return to charging dock once it has completed cleaning the room. Deik has also included detecting sensors to prevent the robot from falling down the stairs. In addition, there’s a set of anti-collision sensors, to help the robot from bumping around.

Moreover, what’s quite impressive, is that the navigation system includes a feature where the robot recognizes the surface it’s on. Also, because of this feature, it can automatically adjust suction power accordingly. For example, the vacuum smartly uses increased suction on carpets and less on tile and hardwood. 

A vast majority of the users have been delighted with the navigation abilities of this vacuum. Deik has been reported to detect obstacles and stairs without any problems and lowering down speed to avoid collisions. However, as with all products, no matter how well it tends to perform, in a few instances, Deik has been found running into walls and furniture. But as said earlier, most users have been impressed with the way Deik operates around the house.

With a limited 15 months warranty, Deik holds a replaceable lithium battery that lasts over 500 cleaning and recharging sessions.

It will take about 3 hours to charge the vacuum between cleanings, and when fully charged, the battery has a 90-minute running time (depending on the cleaning mode). It’s not the best model when it comes to the runtime, but 90 minutes is actually relatively well for a product in this price category.

Most users we contacted and reviews we read stated, that the runtime is to be expected since the vacuum is powerful and therefore consumes a lot of energy.

Also, you cannot expect much more for this price, and most users were satisfied with the running time. However, in case you are looking for a robotic vacuum with an extra long running time, check out Roomba 980. What comes to the 3-hour charging time, it’s on the longer side compared to other models. Still, according to the reviews we read, it has not been an issue in practice.

Want to save time and let the robotic vacuum do its job without having to worry about the charging?

Then you’re probably happy about the self-charging function of this vacuum. There’s no need to plug in the vacuum or worry about remembering to charge the robot before use. Deik robot will automatically return to the station and recharge once it is done with the cleaning or the battery is low.

As this is the case, it’s always ready for cleaning when you need to send it to work. That said, Deik does not continue cleaning once re-charged as some of the other models do (Neato D6, for example). In other words, you have to send it back to work after it’s been recharged. If you have a larger home, this may be something you want to consider.

Usually, Deik has no problems finding back to the charging station, but in case the room is full of obstacles, some troubles may occur. A few users have reported this kind of situations. To prevent this, the user manual asks the users not to place any objects within two meters in front and 1 meter to the right and left of the charging station. 

With pet owners in mind, we always pay extra attention when it comes to the size of the dirt cup. It’s a big deal when your pets leave those huge fur balls behind. The vacuum must be able to tackle the cleaning job without you having to empty the dirt bin every 10 minutes. We feel that this is an especially important feature to consider with robotic vacuums, as the whole idea of buying them is to send them cleaning your house on their own.

Deik has a 0.9 liter capacity for the dustbin, and it’s the largest in the market.

According to many sites, the dustbin in Deik Robotic vacuum is only 0,65 liters, but this actually is not true, and Deik has verified this to me personally. There is no full bin indicator, but this is not a major drawback as long as you empty the bin after use.

It’s no wonder that pet owners have praised the size of the dust cup. This feature allows longer periods of cleaning, and there’s no need to monitor the vacuum constantly to be ready to empty the bin when it gets full.


Deik robotic vacuum comes with an ideal filtration system: it’s well-designed and high-performing. This vacuum has a combination of a 3D (foam fold) filter and a HEPA filter. The HEPA air filtration captures 99,97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

Together this 3D+HEPA-filter ensures, that the air you’ll breathe is extremely clean, as the filter traps even the finest particles. The filtration won’t let even the smallest particles in the air, such as dust, pollen or dander, back to the air you breathe. It’s obvious that everyone wants to breathe as clean air as possible, but especially if you suffer from dust-related allergy or asthma, HEPA filters are highly recommended.

The maintenance of the filter in the Deik robotic vacuum is quick and effortless. The filter is easy to remove, clean and place back. In case of regular use, it is advisable to clean the filter weekly and change it every 3 to 6 months.


Pet Hair Removal

Users of this vacuum have generally been impressed by its performance with pet hair. According to the owners, this vacuum sucks up pet hair from hard floors as well as from low to medium pile carpets without problems. This is all because of two essential features that the vacuum holds: strong suction power and the v-shaped rolling brush.

  • The power is measured at 1200 pa both on carpets and hard floors which is excellent for any robotic vacuum.
  • The V-shaped brush, on the other hand, pulls up and guides the pet hair into the suction. The brush is equipped with a combination of soft and hard bristles, and therefore it works well both on hard floors and carpets.

In addition to its powerful suction and performance, pet owners have especially appreciated the following features this vacuum holds:

  •  Its ability to adjust the suction power to match the floor type automatically. It uses less power on hard floors and more power on carpets. This is great, as pet hair gets easily embedded on carpets.
  • The Turbo boost -mode has been reported to be useful with stubborn dirt and piles of pet hair laying on floors.


Deik robotic vacuum has been reported to do a good job on low to medium pile carpets. The v-shaped brush roll digs into carpets and beats out the hair and dirt for the vacuum to suck up. According to owners, this vacuum cleans these types of carpets with ease.

That said, Deik is not the best option if you have thick rugs and carpets. The cleaning results may not be optimal, and in some cases, the vacuum has been reported to come to a halt.

This vacuum climbs well and will go from hard floor to carpet on its own. As mentioned before, Deik adjusts the suction power automatically according to the surface, and it uses increased suction power on carpets, as this is generally needed.

Bare Floors

Deik robot has received recognition for efficiently cleaning bare floors, hard floors and tiles alike.

The combination of powerful suction and the V-shaped brush makes this vacuum an efficient cleaner of all hard surfaces. Users have been very satisfied with its ability to pick up different kinds of dirt, such as cat litter, dust and pet hair.

This robot generally maneuvers easily under furniture. It’s medium sized, and as with all robotic vacuums, there is a chance that it gets stuck or cannot get under some furniture.

However, as said, that’s always the case with robotic vacuum cleaners. It’s not the robotic vacuum with the lowest profile there is out there, but for a good reason: it holds the largest dustbin which, of course, requires some space.

Pros & Cons


+ Comes with a competitive price tag
+ Quiet vacuum with strong suction
+ Performs well
+ Intuitive to use
+ Recognizes the surface and adjusts the suction accordingly
+ Upgraded navigation system
+ Holds a large amount of dust and dirt
+ Friendly and fast customer service
+ Effective filtration system


- There is no app compatibility or WI-FI
- Will not automatically continue cleaning once re-charged

Summing Up – is Deik Robotic Vacuum worth it?

Well, It depends on your needs and expectations.

It’s a really well-performing robot in its price category, but it does lack some fancier features and it's not the best robot out there.

All in all, Deik robotic vacuum hosts many handy features having pet owners in mind. This robot has a strong suction, the biggest dirt cup in the market and multiple cleaning modes to choose from.

It does fall slightly short on some aspects mentioned above, but with the low price tag, you can be quite impressed with what you get for your money.

In short: if you are looking for a well performing robotic vacuum that does the basic maintenance job, it’s a good fit for you.

But, if you have a larger home and are looking for a more self-sufficient robotic vacuum, I’d consider other models.

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