May 26, 2021

Essential Cleaning Tools and Products
Every Pet Owner Should Have

Fact number 1: There are close to 77 million pet dogs and 60 million cats in the U.S. alone.

Fact number 2.: When there is a pet living with you, there is an added need for cleaning up.

Cleaning up after your pet is hardly your favorite part of being a pet parent, but with the right cleaning gear, tools and products, the job can be done in the easiest, quickest, and most efficient way possible.

This article explains why pet-related messes need your attention quickly and which tools are essential to own if you want to keep your home with pets fresh and clean.

Let's get going!

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    Why you need special gear to fight pet-related messes?

    Every pet owner knows that the list of pet-related cleaning issues is long. You may have already noticed that your old vacuum is not able to tackle piles of hair, or your everyday cleaning solution won't get rid of your cat's urine accidents on carpets.

    Nobody wants to have that messy and smelly pet home with pet hair and stains everywhere.

    The reason for this is that pet hair, urine accidents, pet poo, vomit, and pet odors need to be addressed with the right tools and products for different cleaning problems. However, the good news is, that you don't need a lot of extra cleaning gear (as long as you know which ones are essential).

    stop dog shedding hair

    And it's not just whether the cleaning gear has the ability to clean and remove pet-related messes or not – with pets, the timing is as important. For example, if you let cat urine set deep in your carpet, it's much harder to clean, and the chances are that you'll end up with a carpet with a lovely pet pee scent on it.

    With pets, it's essential that you have the cleaning tools within arm's reach.

    Essential Cleaning Tools and Products for Every Pet Owner - According To Pros

    As promised, these are the tools you need to keep your home clean, hygienic, smelling fresh, and free of pet hair.

    1. A Good Vacuum Cleaner (+ Suitable Attachments!) 

    vacuum for pet hair and pet-related messes

    Pet hair is probably the number one enemy of shedding pet owners, although it's not just pet hair; it's muddy paw prints, soil, dander, and other dirt as well. Pets won't stop shedding, but you can deal with all that hair by getting a functional vacuum for pet hair. You just need to find the right type and model for your home.

    A vacuum cleaner is the most effective way of removing pet hair on all surfaces of your home.

    You can have an upright or canister vacuum, which are the most effective for carpets and rugs, and also often come with an extension hose and tools that are suitable for above-floor areas and furniture. A handheld vacuum will help you keep your furniture, stairs, and car seats free of pet hair. In contrast, a stick vacuum offers the most versatility in a lightweight design. It can be used for both floor and carpets, and it converts to a handheld vacuum for small cleanups.

    And let's not forget about robotic vacuums, which remove all the pet hair on the floor the carpets, and all you have to do is press "start." It even vacuums under the bed, furniture, and appliances, which you probably hate doing.

    In addition to finding the right type of vacuum for your needs, you need to make sure that vacuum has what it takes to deal with pet hair.

    Still, don't worry, we have all the right solutions for your vacuuming needs.

    Pro Tip:

    A powerful suction, brush roll tool, and rubber blades are perfect for the job.

    Still, the number one feature you should consider is usability. Why? Because if the vacuum isn't easy to use and won't make cleaning easier for you, you're just going to let it sit in the closet and let the pet hair build up.

    2. Mops

    turbo mop for pet hair

    A mop is another important piece of cleaning gear in pet homes. Pets shed dander, and they also bring along dust and other small particles like pollen in their coats.

    Although vacuuming is an efficient way of removing dust and dander, a mop will ensure that those small particles are thoroughly cleaned from your floors.

    Another problem pet owners face is pet stains. Urine, feces, vomit… Your pet is bound to have an accident now and then. And that's when you need a good mop. Not something that just moves the mess around and pushes it into the corners, but something that picks it up and leaves the floor clean. Because if the mess is not properly cleaned up, it will leave stains and start to smell.

    And a home that smells of pet pee or poop is probably not what you're looking for.

    Pro Tip:

    Microfiber flat mops are excellent at picking up all kinds of dirt, including pet hair. Instead of just moving the dirt around like string mops or round mops, flat microfiber mops and a good cleaning technique will leave your floors shining.

    3. Carpet Cleaner

    carpet cleaning with a carpet cleaner

    And now that we're on the topic of pee, poo and vomit, isn't it funny how your pet often has that accident on a carpet or rug instead of the easy-to-clean tile floor right next to it?

    Since accidents do happen in homes with pets, and when it comes to carpets and rugs, time is critical, we recommend having a carpet cleaner.

    See, especially cat pee is one of the most difficult substances to clean. Although you dash in to blot up all the urine you can with a towel, some of it still gets absorbed into the carpet. It may dry up at first, but while drying, it crystallizes, and any moisture will bring out the nasty cat pee smell in the future.

    If you have carpets and large area rugs that are not easily machine washable in your washer, you should definitely have a carpet cleaner that can remove pet stains thoroughly as soon as they happen, leaving your carpet stain and smell-free.

    Pro Tip:

    Make sure the carpet cleaner has a large water tank, long power cord, long extension hose, and attachments that are designed to handle pet-related messes.

    4. Brooms

    Brooms can be a useful addition to your cleaning arsenal – especially if you want to keep your upright vacuum but feel you don't want to bring it out for daily upkeep cleaning.

    There are special brooms designed explicitly for pet homes

    There are special brooms designed explicitly for pet homes. They are usually made with rubber bristles that attract pet hair and can include a squeegee for wet messes.

    This type of broom is easy to keep at hand, and it will sweep up pet hair, kibble, and other messes quickly and without much effort. It's a great tool to keep in your kitchen or bathroom for a quick cleanup of high-traffic areas.

    5. Pet-friendly cleaning solutions 

    pet cleaning challenges

    Of course, for a pet home, you need pet-friendly cleaning solutions and detergents.

    Since pets spend a lot of their time close to floors and carpets, you should ensure the cleaners you use are not toxic or harmful.

    Cats and dogs have sensitive paw pads through which they may absorb harmful chemicals. Lying close to the surface makes it possible for them to inhale the fumes, and in addition, pets often lick their paws which may have become in contact with those substances used for cleaning. So, when shopping for cleaning solutions, always ensure they are safe for pets.

    Pro Tip:

    We also encourage the use of enzyme cleaners when it comes to pet messes like urine, feces, or vomit. Regular cleaners may only clean up the stain partly and mask the smell. However, enzyme cleaners break down the stain's organic material, removing it entirely – along with the smells.

    6. Lint Rollers

    lint roller removes pet hair

    Lint rollers are, of course, the lifesaver of any pet owner with a shedding furry friend.

    You can whip them out when needed, be it to clean up your couch right before the guests are arriving or sprucing up your suit before an important meeting.

    Lint rollers are a handy addition to your cleaning gear because they are so versatile. You can remove pet hair and lint from clothes, furniture, car seats, curtains, even bedding. Lint rollers are the quick cleaning solution for pet hair – and something you can carry with you where ever you go.

    7. Air Purifier – Air Cleaner

    air purifier and dog

    Last but not least, I'm going to bring up air purifiers. They, also, are something you might want to consider if you're trying to have a clean, hygienic, and odor-free pet home.

    Especially pet owners with allergies and asthma will benefit from having an air purifier.

    Of course, an air purifier is not going to do what a vacuum does (that's what a robotic vacuum is for). The suction is not strong enough to pull those fur balls from under the bed. However, many pets shed constantly, and the hair gets wafted into the air when you and your pet move around the house. And not only the pet hair but dander, dust, and other small particles as well.

    Especially pet owners with allergies and asthma will benefit from having an air purifier because it cleans the air and removes those small particles causing the symptoms.

    An air purifier can provide clean and hygienic air by using filters and other features. It can also reduce nasty smells (pet odors included) to keep your home smelling nice and fresh.

    Pro Tip:

    Choose an air purifier with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can eliminate all airborne particles the size of 0.3 microns, including pet allergens, pollen, dust, mold, and bacteria.

    Summing Up – Essential Cleaning Gear for Pet Homes

    As a pet parent, you are probably aware of the extra effort you need to put into keeping your home clean when you have a pet.

    It can be a lot more effort if you have outdated cleaning equipment that isn't suited for the purpose. Or it can be a quick and easy job if you have the right tools within arm's reach and you're prepared for the everyday pet-related messes.

    Check out our guides for how to find the proper tool for different messes and how to use them efficiently. After all, nobody wants to have that messy and smelly pet home with pet hair and stains everywhere.

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