Black+Decker POWERSERIES PRO Honest Review

Black+Decker Powerseries Pro Pet is a lightweight and adaptable 2-in-1 stick vacuum for pet homes. Great features and innovative design in a compact and easy-to-use configuration.

BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, 2-in-1, Purple (HCUA525JP)

Why choose this product: The POWERSERIES PRO stick vacuum is a powerful cordless vacuum from Black+Decker. It is easy to use, efficient and reliable – and it has all those features you are looking for in a stick vacuum for pets.

It is also moderately priced while still having many useful features and details that make cleaning easier for you. You can use the Powerseries Pro as a handheld vacuum, and the extension wand and hose offer even more reach.

The 1-liter dirt cup is huge, and the dust compactor allows it to hold even more dirt. With the 60-minute runtime, Smartech technology, Grab+Go canister, and Anti-tangle rubber bristles, this is a fantastic budget choice for homes with pets. Click here to see the latest prices.

Product Information

  • Cordless
  • Runtime up to 60 minutes
  • 6 hours charging time
  • 50 AW maximum suction
  • Autosense automatic power adjustment
  • Turns into a handheld vacuum
  • Rotating swivel head
  • LED headlights
  • Grab+Go canister
  • Batterysense technology
  • Filtersense technology
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds
  • Noise: 75dB
  • Cleaning path: 10”
  • Size: 33.67 x 11.8 x 8.9 inches

Key Features

1. Lightweight and easy to use

Because the vacuum is lightweight at 8.25 pounds and it has swivel steering, it is easily maneuvered between furniture and carried around. In addition, the low-profile design lets you get under furniture and appliances. And to add visibility when cleaning those hard-to-reach areas, Black+Decker has even added LED headlights.

BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, 2-in-1, Purple (HCUA525JP)

You can detach the portable Grab+Go canister for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, which makes sure you can easily reach every inch of your home. The lightweight canister lets you take the powerful suction everywhere, and with the extension hose, you will have no problem reaching up high and in tight spaces.

You can use the touchscreen controls to control the vacuum manually, but the vacuum also adjusts automatically. SMARTTECH features make using the vacuum easier for you: the vacuum automatically adjusts to floor type with the AUTOSENSE technology instantly adjusting the suction when you move from one floor type to another.

To make the product even smarter, they have added BATTERYSENSE and FILTERSENSE technologies to quickly let you know when it’s time to change the filter or when the battery is running low.

2. 60-minute runtime and great performance

BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, 2-in-1, Purple (HCUA525JP)

The Black+Decker POWERSERIES PRO 2in1 Pet stick vacuum has an ample 60 minutes of fade-free runtime. This, of course, is measured on the lowest power setting, and the runtime will be shorter when the vacuum is used on more challenging surfaces with different attachments, but in any case, it is pretty impressive for a cordless vacuum in this price range.

We would like to see a higher suction power, but with a powerful brush bar and anti-tangle rubber bristles, the cleaning results are excellent, and you will be happy to see this vacuum wipe out pet hair and other dirt.

3. Attachments

  • Extension wand
  • 4-foot hose
  • 3 in 1 accessory tool

The vacuum comes with the main cleaning head designed for floors and carpets. It has anti-tangle rubber bristles which lift up pet hair that has been embedded into carpets, making it very efficient in pet homes.

BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum, 2-in-1, Purple (HCUA525JP)

The POWERSERIES PRO also comes with an extension wand and 4-foot hose for above-floor reach and versatility. With the wand, you can comfortably clean not only your vents and fans, but it also makes it more effortless for you to clean stairs and furniture.

The vacuum actually only comes with one attachment, but that is a 3 in 1 accessory tool with a 6-inch nozzle, crevice tool, and upholstery brush combined together. The design is a bit awkward to use at first, but it works and does its job. You can use this tool for cleaning cushions, dusting surfaces, and getting to those crevices where pet hair likes to hide.

The set of attachments could be improved, but at this price range, we’re not complaining. This vacuum has all those tools needed to keep your home in perfect shape, but if we have to point out a shortcoming, it would be the lack of a brush roll tool for furniture. That being said, the vacuum does get high ratings, and all in all, it is a good deal.

4. Huge dirt cup and high-performance filter

  • Washable foam filter
  • 1-liter dirt cup
  • Dust compactor

When it comes to filtration and the dirt cup, we are quite happy with the design. The filter is washable, and it is protected with a screen to ensure it lasts longer. The filter is not a HEPA filter, but it does seem like a high-quality filter, and it does provide clean exhaust air.

If you or your family members have allergies and you need a HEPA filter, you might want to check out the Powerseries Pro Anti-allergen vacuum, which is basically the same vacuum but with a HEPA filter.

The 1-liter dirt bin is huge, and emptying the bin is easy and hygienic. There is also an innovative new feature that Black+Decker has added to this vacuum, and it is a dust compactor.

The dust compactor creates more space in the dirt container making sure it will fit the maximum amount of pet hair and dust before having to be emptied. With this feature added, the vacuum holds 3x more dust and hair, making it ideal for pet owners. In addition to letting you empty it less often, it also enables you to avoid that dust cloud when emptying the bin.

If you have more than one or two furry companions at home who shed heavily, this vacuum is definitely a great choice. With the duct compactor and large dirt cup combined, the Powerseries pro can hold a massive amount of pet hair before needing to be emptied.

What We Like

+ Lightweight at 8.25 pounds
+ Up to 60-minute runtime
+ Grab+Go canister for portability
+ Anti-tangle rubber bristles lift up pet hair
+ Extension hose and wand for overhead reach
+ SmartTech sensors
+ LED headlights
+ Touchscreen for controlling the vacuum
+ Washable filter and easy-to-empty dirt cup
+ Dust compactor

What We Dislike

- No HEPA filter
- No brush roll attachment for furniture

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