Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum review

The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion is an affordable yet functional vacuum. It has 2 in 1 design and several special features for pet owners.

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At a glance

This new vacuum from Bissell is a reasonably priced but still very reliable stick vacuum for pet hair and other messes made by your pets. It is a rather basic vacuum cleaner with no frills, but it comes with a handful of features designed with pet owners in mind. Click here to read user reviews on Amazon.

  • Cordless with 14.4V Lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime up to 25 minutes depending on surface
  • 2 in 1 design with detachable handheld vacuum
  • Bagless with extra large washable dirt cup
  • Assisted-Cleaning Filter
  • Two-way folding handle
  • Specialized tools for cleaning after pets
  • 5.8 pounds
  • 6 x 10 x 44 inches
  • 2-year limited warranty

+  Powerful motor
+  Detachable handheld vacuum included
+  Excellent runtime of up to 25 minutes
+  2 in 1 design offers versatility
+  Extra large dirt cup ideal for pet owners
+  Folding handle to make reaching under furniture easier
+  Takes up little storage space when folded
+  Brush roll can be turned on and off
+  Washable filters
+  Affordable

-  Not the best stick vacuum for long pet hair
-  Doesn’t have a motorized tool for upholstery
-  Fairly basic vacuum cleaner with basic features
-  No HEPA level filter

  • Performance

  • Ease of Use

  • Quality

  • Price


Summed up

The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum is another bestseller pet hair vacuum online. It is a great choice for any pet owner looking for an affordable but practical stick vacuum to clear up after their pet’s messes.

It doesn't have any exiting features or frills, but it is up for the job of cleaning pet hair on all surfaces. It’s easy to use, dependable and capable.

Our rating

Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum Full review


The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum is one of the most popular products in the stick vacuum category, and it has received excellent reviews from users with pets. It is very reasonably priced but a powerful and functional stick type vacuum with a detachable handheld vacuum. It looks like a standard mid-level vacuum, but it does have a few little extras for pet owners. Let’s have a look.

The Bissell Bolt is one of our top choices for pet hair vacuums because of it’s moderate pricing and handy design. With two vacuums in one, you get adaptability, which is a must for pet hair vacuums, because pet hair tends to find its way to every little crevice of your home. The compact, lightweight, and sleek design give you maneuverability and ease of use, which is another feature every vacuum should have.

Bissell is known to manufacture reliable and well-functioning appliances with solid built and innovative features. The Bissell Bolt Pet is a good example of how Bissell adds some nice little features to its vacuums with the target users in mind. This vacuum cleaner is not a top class stick vacuum, but something practical for any household with pets - at a reasonable price.

Pet owners will be happy to find a larger dirt cup to hold all that vacuumed up pet hair, and a Sweep & Scoop tool for cleaning up spilled pet food or cat litter. There is also a convenient folding mechanism, which allows compact storage and vacuuming under low furniture. The Pet Hair Nozzle comes in handy when cleaning your furniture and the Assisted-cleaning feature on the filter makes maintenance easy.

Let me give you a tour of the key features and how this vacuum performs on different surfaces.

Key Features

The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless vacuum comes with a detachable handheld vacuum. This kind of vacuums is very practical for pet owners because you get two for one and save money. Pet hair gets into all sorts of places, and so do 2 in 1 vacuums.

Having just a handheld vacuum would mean you have a hard time vacuuming carpets and floors. If you, on the other hand, only have a stick vacuum, it will be tough to clean furniture. Having both types combined in one appliance allows you to get everywhere with your vacuum and do a thorough cleanup to catch all those hairs hiding under furniture and in the crevices.

This vacuum comes with a convenient charging base. You just plug in the power cord and attach it to the charging base. When you are done vacuuming, you can place the vacuum on the stand, and it will be ready for the next mess when you need it to be. It can take up to 4 hours to reach the full charge, but you do get a generous 25 minutes of vacuuming with a fully charged battery.

This feature is convenient when you have pets, and there is always something to vacuum. When you have the vacuum ready and fully charged in a nearby location, you can quickly pick it up and take care of any mess.

This new feature on the Bissell stick vacuums enables you to reach under low furniture and makes storing the vacuum cleaner easier. When you need to vacuum under the bed or couch, you don’t have to bend down as you can simply bend the vacuum. The wand folds in the middle lowering the profile and allowing you to push the vacuum under low built pieces of furniture.

When you want to store the Bissell Bolt, you can pull the handle backward folding the vacuum in two from the joint in the middle. Doing this cuts the height of vacuum down in half so that you can store it in a self-standing mode under a table or counter. When a vacuum can be stored in an easy-to-reach place, you’ll be more likely to grab it for small cleanups and your home still stay clean.

The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum has a sizeable dirt cup at 0.159 gallons. It has been designed to hold large amounts of pet hair without having to be emptied. This extra big container is a great feature for us pet owners because pet hair can quickly fill out a smaller cup and it can get annoying if you have to empty it very often.

To remove the dirt cup for emptying you just detach the handheld vacuum and release the container. Before you dump the dirt out, you can use the Assisted-Cleaning function on the filter to remove excess dirt and debris accumulated on the surface. Then you can remove the filter and discard the contents. The dirt cup is detachable and washable, but there are many steps before you can empty the dirt cup in the trash bin. It could be easier, but once you get used to it, it’s no hassle.

This attachment will please especially cat owners and people with rabbits and other pets that may spread wood shavings or sawdust on the floor. It’s the new version of the brush and dustpan set, and it is an excellent tool if you need to vacuum such smaller debris off the floor.

Just grab the brush and use it to sweep all the dirt towards the nozzle. It’s just like the dustpan, but the vacuum sucks everything up for easy emptying later on when the dirt cup gets full. It works great with spilled pet food too, but it might not be able to pick up larger pellets meant for big breeds. Still, it’s a convenient tool for many pet owners.


The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum has a Pre-Motor Foam filter. The filter itself is rather basic, but it is washable and replaceable, which are bonuses in an affordable vacuum like this one.

Bissell also introduces the Clean-Turn feature for efficiently removing dirt from the filter. After detaching the dirt container from the vacuum, you give the filter a few twists. Doing this loosens the dust, hair, and debris on the surface of the filter and drops all excess dirt in the bin to be discharged. Doing this will help keep the filter clean.

The assisted cleaning feature is pretty handy, because it saves you from needing to remove all that dirt clogging the filter with your fingers. It is a smart innovation, but I wish the emptying of the bin could be done with just one or two steps instead.


Pet Hair Removal

With a powerful suction and tool designed for removing pet hair, this vacuum performs well in removing animal hair. The brush roll is very useful for picking up hair because of its rubber coating, but users say very long pet hair can get tangled in the brush. Not the best vacuum if you’re the owner of long-haired pets but for other pet owners a good affordable choice for a stick vacuum.

The Bissell Bolt comes with a Pet Hair Nozzle tool, which is designed for removing pet hair from upholstered items. The rubber nubs attract pet hair and pull it up for the suction to pick up. The tool does do well with longer pet hair, but for short and needle-like pet hair I would recommend getting a vacuum with a motorized pet hair tool like the Dyson V8 Absolute.


On carpets, the vacuum performs very well. It comes with a wide cleaning head with a brush roll for vacuuming carpets and area rugs. The brush roll can easily be turned on and off with a push of a button, which means changing from one surface to another is effortless. You don’t have to bend down to change the cleaning mode, and you get the best results for all surfaces by using the appropriate mode.

For short, spiky and medium length hair the Bissell Bolt is a good choice, but as mentioned before, very long pet hair can get tangled in the brush roll. Using a brush roll is the best way to remove pet hair, dirt and dust from carpets, so for pet owners that have pets with long hair, I would suggest one of the other vacuums we have reviewed that have not had this problem.

Bare Floors

For hard floors, you use the same cleaning head as for carpets. You can turn the brush roll off, though users have found it to be a good tool for vacuuming dust and small particles on hard floors too. The brush roll won’t scratch your floors, so you can safely use it on both carpets and hard floor.

A small but functional detail a few of the users mentioned are the stiff little brushes on the sides of the cleaning head. They are a handy addition when cleaning near walls or baseboards. Often vacuums can leave the area right at the edge of the cleaning head un-vacuumed, but these little brushes pick up dust right from the corner where the baseboard and floor meet.


For vacuuming furniture and bedding, Bissell provides a Pet Hair Nozzle with the Bolt vacuums. This tool is designed to attract pet hair with its rubber coated nubs, and it is very useful for vacuuming medium and long pet hair.

For short and spiky pet hair and dust, I would like to see a motorized brush roll like the one with Dyson V8. Not a full five stars in this category, but the Bissell Bolt does do a pretty good job with pet hair on furniture with a strong suction and compact design making vacuuming of above-floor-areas convenient.


The Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion vacuum comes with three attachments: Crevice Tool With Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Nozzle, and Sweep & Scoop Tool. The crevice tool with the dusting brush is handy when cleaning baseboards or small crevices.

It is small, which means you can use it in tight spots, but also that it might not be able to pick up bigger debris like large food pellets.

The two other tools have been specially designed for homes with pets. The Pet Hair Nozzle is a tool with rubber nubs for vacuuming upholstery. The rubber attracts pet hair much like a deshedding glove and brings in all the pet hair for the suction to pull in. It is quite capable with pet hair, but I would like to see a motorized pet hair tool added to the bunch for carefully removing finer hair and dust.

The third attachment is the Sweep & Scoop Tool, which, again, will be very handy for many pet owners. It works like a brush and a dustpan with the suction pulling everything in. This is something that will come handy with many messes pets make. Scattered cat litter and pet food pellets are quickly dealt with using this attachment!

What I am missing is a motorized tool for upholstery and fabrics, but that is understandable for a vacuum in this price category. The vacuuming head does though have an Advanced Pet Hair Brush Roll with added rubber to improve cleaning results on carpets.

Pros & Cons

+  Strong suction
+  Handheld vacuum included in the design
+  Runtime up to 25 minutes depending on surface
+  Attachments for all surfaces
+  Generous dirt cup can handle pet hair
+  Handle folds for convenient storage
+  With folding handle, it is easy to vacuum under furniture
+  On/Off switch for the brush roll
+  Washable filters
+  Inexpensive

Brush roll might have difficulties picking up very long pet hair
 No motorized tool for upholstery included
 A rather simple vacuum with no garnishes
 No HEPA filter included

Summing Up

This Bissell Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless stick vacuum made it to our top vacuums because of it’s agile and adaptable design, moderate pricing and features designed for cleaning after pets. Although it is not one of the high-end products in this category, this vacuum is a dependable and solid vacuum that can take care of pet hair on many surfaces.

There are some cons, as with all products, but they are outweighed by the positive aspects and clever features. The large dirt bin, specialized tools and easy-to-use design make this vacuum is a good purchase and good value for your money.

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