Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum Review

Excellent performance and adaptability at this price level. An affordable yet functional upright vacuum for all types of pet hair. Best upright vacuum for husky hair!

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At a glance

A true pet hair vacuum which has all the features a pet owner could wish for in a vacuum cleaner. Good performance on all surfaces of your home at a very affordable price. A fantastic mid-level vacuum with an excellent quality-price ratio. Click here to read real user reviews on Amazon.

  • Corded with 30-foot cord
  • Bagless with 1.5 L washable dirt cup
  • Pet Hair Spooling System for hands-free emptying
  • Washable pre-motor filters
  • Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator
  • SmartSeal Allergen System
  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Specialized Pet Tools with Quick Release Wand
  • Pet TurboEraser tool and crevice tool with LED light
  • 18 pounds
  • 13.5 x 12.4 x 46.8 inches
  • 5-year limited warranty

+  Great performance on all surfaces, especially carpets
+  Special attachments to help pet owners deal with pet hair
+  Long pet hair will not tangle on the brush roll
+  Very maneuverable vacuum head
+  Quick release wand allows you to clean stairs, furniture, and shelves
+  Notable 5-year limited warranty
+  Reasonable price

-  Power cord is not retractable
-  Can lose suction if not properly cleaned and maintained
-  Dirt bin can be hard to detach
-  Quick release wand is quite short  




Ease of Use





Summed up

A competitively priced all-around vacuum for all surfaces of your home. Gets brilliant reviews on performance particularly when it comes to medium length and long dog hair. Many beneficial details for pet owners and great attachments designed for removing pet hair. Absolutely worth the price when you’re looking for a well-performing upright vacuum for homes with pets, but you don’t want to invest in one of the more expensive top class vacuums in this product category.

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Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum Full review


The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum is a true pet hair vacuum with many details that will make pet owners very happy. It has been designed particularly with pet owners in mind, and this appliance really does perform quite well in all the problem areas we pet owners come across. Whether it be cat hair on the drapes, kitty litter on the floor or wads of dog hair in the crevices of your sofa, this vacuum does its job and does it well.

This upright version of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is a sturdy but easily maneuvered vacuum cleaner for thoroughly vacuuming your whole home. The brand is known for manufacturing moderately priced but innovative and functional vacuum cleaners, and this vacuum is one of their products particularly designed for cleaning after your pets.

Upright vacuums, such as this one, are robust machines with strong suction and high cleaning performance due to their powerful motors and corded design. For efficiently cleaning carpets, an upright vacuum is the best choice. They may be heavy, but the robust design allows the cleaning head to have the force it needs to dig deep into carpets for a complete cleanup.

To add to versatility, this vacuum offers a Quick Release Wand and a few attachments, which will help you deal with pet hair on above-floor surfaces. Add a Pet Hair Spooling System, pet odor eliminating filter, Smart Seal Allergen System and a few other nice features with an excellent 5-year warranty, and you’ve got a well thought out vacuum that's certainly worth a closer look.

Key Features

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser has a wide cleaning head with SuctionChannel feature that allows edge-to-edge suction and cleaning. This technology maximizes the amount of dust and debris you can vacuum up in one pass and makes cleaning of large floor areas easier.

The cleaning head also has a switch that allows you to control the height of the brush roll on different surfaces. The system is not automatic, and you have to change settings yourself while cleaning, but the feature allows for optimized cleaning results on different kinds of carpets.

As this particular vacuum has been specially designed for pet owners, the brush roll is tangle-free and can handle even very long hair without having to get scissors to cut off the tangled hair. This feature has been widely complimented by pet owners. Many have tested other vacuums before, but this has been the first one to actually pull up the hair without it getting raveled around the brush. Already a very good reason to choose this vacuum!

The brush roll is also equipped with a protection system to prevent clogging and breaking. When the intake of air attracts something too big for the vacuum to handle, the light that surrounds the height switch will turn red. Just remove the object to continue vacuuming. Owners of small pets have found this feature useful, as often small pet toys can be hiding under furniture and clog the air path when sucked in.

The 1650A Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is a bagless vacuum with a huge dirt bin. For the user, this means savings in not having to buy dust bags, and also easy maintenance. The manufacturer uses a technology that they refer to as the Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System, which works by separating the hair fibers against other dirt types.

Many people don’t like bagless vacuums just because emptying the bin sometimes means having to pull out the mass of nasty dirt with your fingers. But because of the Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System, this is no longer a problem with the 1650A Pet Hair Eraser, as separated hair and dirt easily fall out of the bin when it is emptied.

The dirt container can be detached using a switch situated on top of it. Some reviews are saying that removing the bin can be difficult, but other users say it just takes some practice and getting used to. The removable dirt cup has a capacity of 0.4 gallons, making it big enough for cleaning larger houses with multiple pets without having to empty the bin while cleaning. You can rinse the container with water and mild soap, but keep in mind that you need to give it some time to dry up completely before placing it back.

The vacuum comes with a Febreze scented filter, which filters the exhaust air while also minimizing any nasty odors vacuumed up pet hair or other dirt might have.

Vacuuming up damp pet hair often results in an unpleasant smell if you leave the hair in the dirt bin. The scented filter makes sure the foul odor won’t be spread out with the exhaust air when vacuuming.

The scent is quite mild, and users have not found it to be too strong even for those who generally dislike the smell of this kind of products. The exhaust air smells fresh even if you don’t bother with emptying the bin after every single use, and that’s a pretty convenient feature. And if you would rather use an unscented filter, you also have that option.

When it comes to pet hair vacuums, I always call for versatility and the ability to work on all kinds of surfaces. You can have a strong and powerful upright vacuum cleaner for your carpets, but it isn’t enough if your furniture is left covered with pet hair.

To achieve that perfectly clean home, you need to have a vacuum that handles pet hair on all surfaces. Sure, you can always get a second vacuum for furniture. And a third for something else. But why not just get one vacuum that is capable of functioning all problem areas?

This Bissell upright vacuum has a Quick Release Wand, which will enable you to easily take care of vacuuming your furniture, drapes, delicate items and small corners and crevices. Just pull out the wand, attach a suitable tool and you’re ready to go.

Some users say the hose on the wand is too short. You can reach corners of the ceilings and such, but to vacuum stairs, you will have to pick up the vacuum and carry it with you to reach more than just a few first ones. The shortness of the hose is not a huge deal breaker, but something you need to consider if you have stairs and they need vacuuming often.

Filtration – SmartSeal Allergen System

This Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is sealed completely, which means that the air entering via the nozzle will only exit the vacuum after passing right through the filters. The manufacturer calls this the SmartSeal Allergen System. It prevents allergens from spreading with the air exiting from the vacuum. Another benefit for pet owners!

It is not equivalent to HEPA Filters, but it does filter out most allergens, which would otherwise be blown right back to the air you breathe. Therefore if you’re not allergic to pets, but you would like to make sure your vacuum captures most allergens, this upright feature would be ideal for you. (But if a HEPA filter is a must have, check our review on Shark Rotator.)

The SmartSeal Allergen feature consists of a sealed multi-level filtration system, which includes three filters: two pre-motor filters, one mesh and one foam, and one pleated post-motor filter.

The pre-motor filter is washable, which makes maintenance easy and inexpensive. On the other hand, Bissell suggests replacing the post-motor filter once every six months, while the Febreze filter may be replaced once you notice that the scent has dissipated. Replacing the filter means some small extra costs, but you can easily order these parts from Amazon.


Pet Hair Removal

This vacuum cleaner is primarily designed for pet hair removal, thus the ‘pet hair eraser’ in its name. And it does live up to the promise of being one of the most effective vacuums in picking up pet hair on various surfaces. And with the multi-level SmartSeal Allergen filtration system, it can also effectively deal with dander lurking in your home.

According to reviews, this vacuum performs well when it comes to picking up pet hair from any floor surface, including thick hard to clean carpets. Many users are amazed at how much dirt the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is enable to pick up, even when carpets are regularly cleaned.

Also, the attachments allow you to efficiently clean up pet hair from all other areas of your home, such as stairs and sofas, maximizing the versatility of this vacuum and making it a perfect choice for pet owners looking for a pet hair vacuum.


The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum comes with a 5-level height adjustment for the cleaning head, allowing you to enjoy the best suction on any surface.

The brush roll has tangle-free design and stiff bristles that are excellent for collecting dirt and dust from carpets and rugs. The brush roll digs deep to beat out all the dirt ground in, and the powerful suction pulls the loose dirt into the dirt cup.

With the use of its swivel steering, maneuvering around furniture while cleaning carpets is no sweat and doesn’t require effort even with the vacuum weighing 18 pounds

Bare Floors

This vacuum is at its best on carpets, but that is not to say it doesn’t perform well on hard floors too. With its 12-inch cleaning path, it offers good coverage while cleaning, and edge-to-edge suction path makes sure you get as close to the baseboards as possible.

The vacuum steers easily on bare floors, and the head glides smoothly on the surface not leaving any scratches on the floor.

Some vacuums with brush rolls have a hard time picking up rubble and debris on hard floors. The brush roll in this product is stiff, which might scatter some of the larger pieces of debris on hard floors, but you can solve this problem by adjusting the height of the cleaning head.


The 1650A model is equipped with specialized tools that work in picking up hair from any upholstery. The Pet TurboEraser tool is especially handy when cleaning stubborn hair from furniture, but you can also use it on carpets and particularly carpeted stairs. The quick release wand allows you to reach most places, although some reviews say that it should be a bit longer to enable cleaning baseboards without having to bend down.

By attaching the crevice tool with the LED light feature, you can clean small crevices on your furniture and the 2-in-1 Pet Brush gives you optimized cleaning results on drapes and bedding. All in all this vacuum is designed to take care of all areas of your home, not just the floors.


The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser comes with many nifty attachments, which have been designed with particularly pet owners in mind. For one there is the main cleaning head for floors and carpets with a tangle-free brush roll, which owners of long-haired pets love.

If you have tried vacuuming up medium length or long pet hair, you know it tends to wrap around the brush roll causing you to interrupt your vacuuming to find a pair of scissors to cut the tangled up hair to free it from the cleaning head. Very annoying.

This tangle-free brush roll is designed to avoid this problem, and users report it to work very well. Especially users with Huskies and German Shepherds have reported that this vacuum has solved their problems in vacuuming pet hair.

For cleaning anywhere else than floors, you have the handy Quick-Release Wand that you can detach from the vacuum itself. It is a bit short, but you can still reach most places that need spot-cleaning.

You get three tools to use with the wand: the Pet Turbo Eraser for fabrics and carpeting, the LED lighted crevice tool to reach all those tights spots; and 2-in-1 Pet Brush for delicate dusting. All of these tools are attached with a simple click, and they really make this vacuum a versatile machine for cleaning all around your house.

What users found excellent, were the small details added to these tools. The crevice tool is rubberized to attract pet hair piled up in tight spots, and the LED light makes sure you won’t miss a single hair lurking behind the cabinets.

The tool which makes this vacuum a top upright vacuum for pet hair is the Pet TurboEraser Tool, which uses a motorized brush roll to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. I always recommend having this type of an attachment for your vacuums, because it’s the best way of dealing with tenacious pet hair.


Pros & Cons


+  Quick Release Wand offers versatility
+  Even more adaptability with specially designed attachments
+  Great cleaning power
+  Tangle-free brush roll for is a lifesaver with pet hair
+  Will not clog with Pet Hair Spooling System
+  SmartSeal Allergen System reduces allergens
+  Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator filter to remove nasty smells
+  Ultra-maneuverable vacuum head
+  Broad cleaning head with edge-to-edge cleaning
+  Cleans both carpets as well as hard surfaces and above floor surfaces
+  Easy to assemble
+  Impressive 5-year limited warranty


 Like many upright vacuums, this is on the heavier side at 18 pounds
-  It does not come with a retractable power cord
-  The quick release wand quite short even with the crevice tool attached
-  Can lose suction if not properly cleaned and maintained

Summing Up

Despite the fact that there are other models available on the market, which may be quite comparable to the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum in relation to price, they do not have features that benefit the pet owners as this one does.

All the elements including attachments and filtering system have been designed to maximize the power of this vacuum when it comes to cleaning after pets. Hair, sand, mud, grass, pet food, cat litter... It takes care of all the messes your pet makes.

Indeed, this Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaner minimizes the hassle of cleaning after a pet. It is considered as one of the best in the market, as it is straightforward to use and affordably priced. If you’re looking for a mid-priced pet hair vacuum with excellent all-around performance, this is your choice.

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