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Best Leather Couch for Dogs in 2022 –
Top Dog-Proof Leather Sofas

Contrary to common belief, leather is actually a pet-friendly material for furniture. That is if you choose the right type of leather. High-quality leather will resist pet messes, including pet hair, stains, odors, and scratches. But you need to know what you're looking for.

A genuine leather couch is usually an expensive piece of furniture. However, you can look at it as an investment.

Cheaper fabric or faux leather couches are not as durable, and in pet homes, they may quickly end up looking nasty and worn out. A good leather couch is always stylish, easy to keep clean, ages beautifully, and lasts for years to come.

Brown genuine leather sofa

So how do you know a good leather couch? Here's our top picks, and quick guide.

Editor's Choice
Stone & Beam Lauren Leather Sofa
Stone & Beam Lauren Leather Sofa Couch
Formal & Comfy
Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch
Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch
Sophisticated & Classic
Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern
Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch
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    Dogs and Leather Couch – Quick Guide to Buying

    When looking for a pet-friendly leather couch, you need to consider a few key factors. This is our quick guide for finding the perfect pet-proof couch made of leather. For more details, scroll down for the comprehensive buyer's guide.

    • Choose only genuine leather. Top grain leather, which is also called full-grain leather, is the highest quality leather and, therefore, the best choice for pet homes. It's thick and durable while also being stain, odor, and scratch-resistant.
    • Style. There are many different types of sofas, including the traditional, sectional, loveseat, and sleeper models. Here you need to consider the size of your living area, placement of the sofa, and your preferences and needs. Which type and style is the best fit for your home?
    • Budget. When it comes to a leather sofa in a home with pets, you don't want to skimp. High-quality leather is more expensive than lower-quality leather, but if you have a cat or dog, the quality of the material really matters. Think of it as a long-term investment. You wouldn't want to spend any amount of money on something that doesn't last. On the other hand, it's worth spending a bit more if it's going to last for years and age elegantly.
    • Size, and how many people you want to fit on the sofa. Size matters, and not just because you want the sofa to fit your living room, but because you want it to fit through the door. Make sure you measure carefully to ensure the couch your buying is the right size.

    dog laying on leather couch

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    Pro Tip !

    Ordering online is becoming more popular with furniture. With good reviews and detailed product descriptions, you can certainly find the perfect pieces of furniture and then just have them delivered to your door.

    Buying online is easy and usually successful if you do your homework first. Also, make sure you're using a well-known company with good return policies, customer service, and warranties.

    Now that you know which factors to look for, let's have a look at some of our favorite (and highly popular) leather couches you can have easily delivered to your doorstep.

    Best Leather Sofa for Dogs – Our Top Picks

    Luxury, comfort, and style with genuine leather upholstery and down filling. The top choice for homes with dogs.

              Key features

    • Genuine leather upholstery
    • Cushions filled with luxurious down
    • Simple and elegant, yet comfy design
    • Available in two sizes
    • Solid hardwood frame
    • Reversible seat cushions
    • Easy to wipe clean

    Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren Genuine Leather Down-Filled Oversized Sofa Couch, 89

    Why we like this couch:

    This highly popular sofa has a modern and sleek look that looks good with almost any furniture and style. It also stands time very well – not just the material but the overall design as well. It's soft and comfy while also firm and not saggy. You can combine it with a living room chair or ottoman if you're looking for a full set.

    The seat height is lowish, and the seat depth is deep. The seat lean is also relaxed, so this is a perfect sofa for lounging and getting comfortable.

    There are two beautiful colors of leather available, and the materials are soft but thick and durable. The frame is made of hardwood, which is the ideal choice if you're looking for a couch that's made to last. Also, the plush cushions are filled with lavish goose down.

    This sofa is also a safe choice since your get 30 days for free returns and a 3-year warranty.


    • Small: 73.6''W x 44.9” D x 37.4”H
    • Large: 89.4''W x 44.9” D x 37.4”H
    • Seat height 18.5"
    • Seat depth 25"
    • Seating capacity: 2/3

    A stylish and formal yet comfortable sofa with genuine leather upholstery and foam filling.

              Key features

    • Top grain leather upholstery
    • Solid hardwood frame
    • Foam padding
    • Easy to keep clean
    • Stylish design combined with comfort
    • Available in different sizes
    • Back cushions are reversible

    Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch (86.6"W) - Dark Brown Leather

    Why we like this couch:

    This is another highly-liked sofa with a mid-century look. A bit more formal with a tufted one-piece seat cushion, but still a contemporary feel to the overall design – with a pet-friendly build, of course.

    The cushioning is quite firm, with a medium seat height and lean. Compared to the Stone & Beam couch, this is more of a formal sofa but still comfortable to relax in.

    The material is, of course, top-grain leather, with a foam filling in the cushions. The frame is sturdy and made of hardwood with tapered wood legs that give the sofa a light appearance. It comes in three colors you can choose from, and you can get a matching living room chair or ottoman if you like.

    Another thing we love about this product is, of course, the 30-day free returns policy, which allows you to change your mind, and the 1-year guarantee that ensures you're getting the quality you pay for.


    • Sofa: 86.6" W x 36.2" D x 30.3" H
    • Sectional: 86" W x 37" D x 33" H
    • Loveseat: 74'' W x 36.2" D x 30.3" H
    • Seat Height: 17.7"
    • Seat Depth: 23.2
    • Seating capacity: 2/3

    Cozy modern sofa with mid-century touches made with genuine leather and foam-filled cushions.

              Key features

    • Genuine leather upholstery
    • Foam-filled cushions
    • Solid hardwood frame
    • Available in two sizes
    • Plush and comfortable
    • Easy to keep clean by wiping or vacuuming

    Amazon Brand – Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Apartment Sofa, 72"W, Caramel

    Why we like this couch:

    This genuine leather sofa comes with a sophisticated look that combines modern simplicity with mid-century features like hand-tufted cushions. The overall look is light because of the simple design and tapered legs that give the sofa a light effect.

    The seat height and seat lean are medium, with a fairly deep seat depth. Combined with the cushions' medium firmness, this sofa is a perfect combination of cozy comfort and smart elegance.

    The cushions are upholstered with high-quality genuine leather and filled with foam, while the sturdy frame is built with hardwood – a perfect build for a leather couch for dog homes.

    Again, we applaud the 30-day free returns policy and 1-year guarantee, which give you peace of mind.


    • Sofa: 71.7”W x 33.9"D x 35.4"H
    • Loveseat: 56.3”W x 33.8"D x 35.4"H
    • Seat height 18.5"
    • Seat depth 20.86"
    • Seating capacity: 2/3

    Are Leather Couches Good for Dogs -
    5 Factors to Consider

    Although many pet owners think leather upholstery is not something that you should choose if you have pets, actually, it's one of the best options for a pet-friendly couch or living room chair.

    At its best, a leather couch resists punctures, scratches, pet messes, pet hair, and all kinds of wear and tear.

    At its best, a leather couch resists punctures, scratches, pet messes, pet hair, and all kinds of wear and tear. But only if you buy a sofa that is made from high-quality materials.

    Here is our detailed buyers guide so that you know exactly what you are looking for and won't be wasting your money.


    The quality of the leather is key. Genuine top-grain leather is thick and sturdy, and it will age nicely. If you take good care of the material, it is a long-lasting choice even if you have pets in your home.

    Lower quality materials like bonded leather or split-grain leather are not as durable, not to mention faux leather, which scratches easily.

    dog on leather couch


    There are many types of sofas available, including the

    • Standard two or three-seater
    • Sleeper/sofa bed, which can be converted to a guest bed if you don't have a guest room
    • Sectional couch, which is made from sections that you can arrange to fit your living area the way you want.
    • Loveseat, which is basically a two-seater with no armrests – and perfect for limited spaces

    Which style you should choose depends entirely on the layout of your living area, how many people are using the sofa, how much space you have, and your other requirements.


    When choosing the style of your couch, you should pay attention to your style and décor, but also how you are going to be using your couch.

    Do you want the seats to be deep or shallow? Should it support your back when sitting, or should it be perfect for napping and lazing around?

    For some people, comfort is the number one thing to consider, while others think it's imperative the sofa matches their interior design perfectly. And people just have different tastes. Some love modern design, while others will go for the more conservative or old-fashioned style.

    In the end, it just needs to fit your lifestyle and look good to you.


    Sometimes, it can be challenging to know how the sofa looks once it's in place. You don't want it to overwhelm the living area, but you want each person to have enough space to sit comfortably. Also, you don't want the sofa to look too tiny compared to the size of the room.

    One tip for estimating the right size is to take the measures of the couch you are considering and place newspaper on the floor to cover the area the sofa would.

    One tip for estimating the right size is to take the measures of the couch you are considering and place newspaper on the floor to cover the area the sofa would. This trick will give you an idea if you will have enough room to move around it, or if you should consider a smaller one because it takes too much space.

    Also, be sure to measure your doorway as well to make sure the couch actually fits in!

    puppy on leather couchFrame

    A good frame is the basis of a high-quality couch. You can always renew a couch cushion, but a sturdy frame is what makes it last.

    Some cheaper sofas use plastic, metal, or other inferior materials for the frame. However, if you're looking to buy a leather sofa and you're already spending money on top-notch leather, you should also ensure you're getting a superior hardwood frame. After all, there is no point in investing in premium leather if you're getting a wobbly frame that will break in a couple of years.


    The most luxurious filling for couch cushions is goose down and feathers. They make the sofa feel comfortable, soft, solid, and well-made at the same time. The only downside (pun intended!) is that this type of cushioning needs filling every few years as the down flattens over time.

    Foam filling is the most common material used in couch cushions, but there are considerable differences in the quality. Low-quality foam polyurethane foam is too soft and will break down easily. A well-built sofa has a foam filling that is soft enough for comfort while still being long-lasting, good in quality, and firm.

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    Summing Up – Dog Proof Leather Sofa

    Genuine top-quality leather couches can be the ideal solution for stylish pet homes because not only do they look good and give your home an elegant look, but they are also easy to keep clean, and they resist damages caused by pets.

    Leather couches don't scratch easily, and they resist pet hair and odors – unlike fabric couches which may start smelling like a wet dog if your pet naps on it, or pet urine if your cat or dog has a few accidents. While fabric couches can attract pet hair, leather couches can be quickly cleaned by just wiping all the pet hair off.

    The important thing to remember is that always go with genuine leather if you're looking for a durable and long-standing piece of furniture that is worth your money.

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