The Top 3 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair in 2019 – Comparisons and Reviews

Last Updated on January 3rd, 2019

Being a pet owner has its joys but also its more annoying moments—like when you find pet hair on... Absolutely. Everything.

You work hard to give your pet the life it deserves, but sometimes, all you think is, that he or she is giving you more work in return.

Cleaning up after your pet and getting rid of all that pet hair and dandruff around and in the air shouldn't be such a difficult task. With lightweight canister vacuums, you can clear the room of any residue of your animal friend.

However, with all the vacuums on the market today, it’s hard to narrow down which ones you'll need. Here’s a list of three of the top vacuums we found that will not only get your home cleaner than a pet-less (very sad) home but won’t give you much effort, at all!

Quick comparison chart of the top-rated Canister vacuums for pet hair

Top 3 Canister vacuums for pet hair in 2019 Boiled Down

Miele Compact C1 Suction Canister Vacuum

Including its telescopic, stainless steel design and powerful suction control, the Miele Compact C1 Suction Canister Vacuum especially targets hard floors with its Hardwood Floor Hero feature—making it a perfect choice if you're living on wooden flooring in your home with your three dogs. Click here to see the latest prices of Miele Compact C1.

Not only does this canister vacuum pick up the extra pet hair lying around, but it also uses its filter system—the AirClean Filter to protect the air in your home from allergens and all other dust and debris escaping from the vacuum with the exhaust air.

Performance and ease of use

From low-pile carpeting to bare floors, the 1200 W motor of the Miele Compact Canister Vacuum comes with all the necessary power to oust pet hair and dandruff forever—or at least until they shed again...


The vacuum comes with six different settings, allowing it to be compatible, no matter what you're cleaning and extremely maneuverable because of its lightweight 4.8-pound design, no matter where you're cleaning. It also is relatively easy to use, with a cleaning radius of almost up to 30 feet because of it’s long electrical cord.


This canister vacuum comes with a variety of different attachments to help ease the cleaning process. Three that stand out the most are the dusting brush, the upholstery tool, and the crevice nozzle—all of which can easily attach to the vacuum by something called the VarioClip.

Using the extendable wand with these attachments you can get to all the nooks and crevices you need to. The crevice nozzle easily picks up cat litter or food pellets, cleans baseboards and helps you reach tight spaces. To remove pet hair from the upholstered furniture, you can use the upholstery tool with a pet hair attracting felt liner. Finally, to finish of your clean-up, you can dust delicate surfaces, curtains, shelves, and vents with the dusting brush.

The Miele Compact Canister Vacuum comes included with a multi-layer filtration system. This feature is especially important if you or your family members have allergies, as it filters out 99.99 percent of all particles in the air.
+ The dust bag it comes with 9-ply construction, which makes it seemingly un-tearable
+ The powerful 1200 W Vortex Motor that runs the Miele Vacuum is extremely efficient, despite its lightweight size
+ Despite all that power, the vacuum runs relatively quiet—which is definitely a bonus in homes with pets
+ It can work effectively no matter what surface you're on. It has six different motor speed settings which you can easily adjust depending on what you're working on
+ AllTeQ Combination Floorhead is ideal for all hard floor and low-pile carpets
+ The attachments give you the ease and opportunity to get the full job done, with minimal effort. The attachments include the floor brush, the crevice tool, the upholstery tool, and the telescopic wand
+ This vacuum is high-quality, reliable and durable with a fantastic warranty

- On some more challenging surfaces, the brush head attachment may be ineffective
- Because of its lightweight design, it’s much less sturdy than more expensive models.

Summed up

The Miele Compact Canister Vacuum is ideal for your hardwood floor or tiled home. It is the vacuum to go to if you're seeking to oust pet hair from all surfaces in your home and you're looking for a dependable mid-range option in the canister vacuums category.

Our rating

BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum

For a tight budget, limited space and an unlimited number of pets in your home, the Bissell Zing Rewind Vacuum is a low-budget choice that offers not only a powerful clean but can be stored and stowed away—even the cord is wound up at the touch of a button—quickly and quietly. Click here to see the prices.


The Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum is packed with power with its 9-amp motor and cyclonic technology, and it sucks the pet hair up into a bagless container in no time at all. It has a dual-switch mode, and it is able to cover the terrain of hard floors or lift up the embedded pet hair from your carpets.

Performance and ease of use

This canister vacuum is bagless, and it has a sizeable 2-liter dustbin, which makes it extremely convenient and easy to use, moving from room to room without the need to empty the container, which can simplify the task of cleaning up after your pet...


It also maneuvers effortlessly between furniture —especially large and heavy ones that are too bothersome to move. It also has an integrated carrying handle so you can simply pick it up (it’s extremely lightweight at 9.1 lbs) and move in and out of the house.

It covers enough ground to make a difference with one push. With a cleaning path of 10.1 inches, it can clean a broader space, letting you get away with less work.


This canister vacuum can do it all. Not only is it compatible with multiple surfaces, which makes it extremely useful in a multi-floor home, it can also reach those hard-to-reach surfaces which makes cleaning so much more convenient and effortless on your part. It also has a multi-surface floor tool, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, an air flow regulator, and a cord rewind.

Has an extremely powerful suction despite its lightweight look and feel
Best for those on a budget
Weighs just 9.1 lbs., which makes maneuvering and carrying through the house less work for you
Works with a cyclonic cleaning system to give you the best clean
It allows you to switch from hard floor to carpet
Attached with an automatic cord rewind system which makes cleaning up after cleaning easy
Has multi-stage filtration to clean the exhaust air

Even though it has a rewind system, the power cord is pretty short at 15 feet
Not very efficient with heavy-set, thick carpet

Summed up

The Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum gives a perfect clean for anybody with a smaller home, multiple pets, and a low-budget. Even though it has an incredibly lightweight design, it still delivers powerful suction and good quality clean.

The highly portable model stores easily with its cord-rewind feature, which lets you off the hook when it comes to cleaning up after you clean up. It is a perfect fit for someone living in close quarters with their furry friends.

Our rating

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum (3670G)

Lightweight and compact, the Eureka Mighty Mite weighs less than 9 pounds but has the power packed to take on removing dirt and debris from outdoors and indoors. With its power and efficiency, it can be the vacuum you're looking for to take care of your pet hair problem. Click here to see the latest prices.

Focusing and performing best on a bare floor, you can get the cleanup you want by removing pet hair not only from your floors but to get to those hard-to-reach areas like above the curtains or in the corners of your room with the Mighty Mite Vacuum’s maneuverability.

Performance and ease of use

With its fingertip controls, the Mighty Mite model is perfect for cleaning tight spaces and effective no matter what type of bare floor you have—tile, wood; you name it.

This vacuum boasts a very lightweight design, allowing you to carry it from room to room without breaking a sweat...


The cleaning path of the vacuum is almost a foot wide, which means you don't have to go back and forth several times to cover enough ground to make a difference, cutting the work for you.


The Mighty Mite vacuum has a crevice tool, a combo brush, extension wand, and an upholstery tool. These attachments allow you to reach up high into corners and crevices in the ceiling or get down low onto baseboards without having to bend down.

If you have high-vaulted ceilings or have a hard time over-exerting yourself down low, you might want to consider investing in the Mighty Mite vacuum.

The Mighty Mite runs on a powerful 12 amp suction motor, which means a lot of power.
You can easily dispose of dust bags when you need to change, which doesn't happen all too often, anyway.
The included attachments are perfect for hard-to-reach areas like ceilings, corners, and underneath furniture. You can also bring this canister vacuum outside with you and work on outdoor projects.
It has a lightweight and portable frame, making it very easy to carry throughout the house (or outside).
The power cord is 20 feet long, which means you don't have to worry about finding a new outlet everywhere you go.
Although it specializes in hard floors, you can adjust the settings for both bare floors and carpets alike
The model covers a wide area on the ground with a 10-inch cleaning path.
There is a manual cord storage area for you to stow the vacuum easily away.

Focuses on work on hard floors so doesn't work very well with thick, deep-set carpet
The filtration system that is included with the product is not HEPA rated. You can always add one in if that’s important to you.
You have to manually wind up the cord.

Summed up 

If you have hardwood or bare floors and are on the search for a functional yet cheap vacuum that can get the job done not only in minimum time but is all capable of working on other jobs you may have, like in your garage or in your car, the Mighty Mite vacuum can be an excellent choice for you.

Our rating

How to Choose the Right Canister Vacuum for My Needs

Choosing the proper vacuum while not going overboard and paying for a pricey appliance with all these extra features you'll never use and not going too low and ending up with a poor-quality household appliance, is a difficult decision.


If you are a pet owner and you need to choose a vacuum fit for you out of all them out there on the market, there’s a process to the madness.


Here is a small buyers’ guide to help you out if you're not sure which is the right type of vacuum for you.


Most of these terms are all relative. They are relative to how many pets you have and how much hair they have. You should think about convenience and how often you want to or have to vacuum and how heavy or light your vacuum needs to be. Let’s get into it.


These are the terms you need to look out for:

Suction Power

This will change depending on what type of flooring you have in your house. For example, if you have heavy, deep-set carpets, then you'll need a high-quality suction power to get deep down into the trenches of your rug or carpet. If you have only bare floor in your home, you won’t have to worry too much about suction power and you can often bypass or settle with a vacuum with not the most powerful suction.

If you have a lot of high-pile carpeting around your house or many thick rugs, we would suggest an upright vacuum to give you a better cleaning result. You can find the top choices for upright pet hair vacuums here.

Suction power also depends on the pets you have. If you have a short-haired chihuahua, you might not have to worry all that much about having the most powerful suction, but if you have a long-haired golden retriever, that might be the first thing you need to worry about.


You don't need to opt for the vacuum with the most gizmos attached to it, you just need to make sure what the appliance has will help. The attachments, however, can help you when trying to get into those hard-to-reach areas or sucking up every last bit of pet hair or dandruff.

For a per owner, the upholstery tool is something you probably need, and it should be designed to collect pet hair. The crevice tool is used to wedge the cleaning vacuum into tight and seemingly impossible spots, and also to clean baseboards. Also, you probably want a dusting tool to finish of your cleanup by dusting, for example, delicate items, shelves, and vents.

If you want the most out of your vacuum, opt for getting some of these attachments as features, and you'll get your home as clean as possible.


Just because a vacuum is cheap doesn't mean it’s going to be the best option out there for you. You should realize that price will probably be parallel with performance. Although there are highly capable vacuums with more than affordable prices, it could be wise to possibly raise your budget a little higher to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting vacuum with better features and more attachments.

No matter what your price is, there’s a product to match it. Even though it might not be the best vacuum out there, it should get the job done—which is the critical feature here.


Factoring in the size of the vacuum is also extremely important before you make the purchase. In this case, we aren't strictly talking about how big is it in terms of how much room it takes; it’s also important that you factor in how much it weighs.

The last thing you want to be doing, especially after pushing the vacuum to and from in one room, is lugging it down the hall to the next room. Try and pick out a vacuum with an adequate size for storage and for carrying convenience. We know that choosing a vacuum is like picking your poison—so try and make it as least painful as possible.


The bagged vacuums are much quicker and easier to maintain—when it fills up all you have to do is simply toss it out and replace it. Usually, these bags run cheap, but you do have some cases with some vacuums where they don’t. They are rather expensive and a hassle to find.

The bagless vacuums usually have something called a “dirt cup” where all the dirt, hair and debris are collected, and all you have to do is empty it out and wash it—then return back into the vacuum. Even though the initial investment in a bagless vacuum is a bit steeper, it will pay off in the long run—particularly if your furry roommate is especially hairy.


The type of filter you get can play a role in your vacuum cleaning purchase. Especially if you are, or a family member or someone who lives with you is allergic or sensitive to pet dander or dust, investing in a vacuum cleaner with a high-quality filter is essential.

If you are going to go ahead and make that investment, you want to be sure you have the highest quality filter, which is assuring that the vacuum comes with one that is HEPA-standardized. HEPA, the high-efficiency particulate absorber filter, removes 99.99 percent of dust and dandruff particles in the air and around your home. It will clean the room around you and keep the air around you clean so you can rest assured that you're doing your best to fight those allergies so you and your pets can live harmoniously together.

Surfaces in Your Home

Depending on the types of flooring you have in your house, you might have to choose a particular vacuum to match. Although most vacuums tend to adhere to most flooring, especially with those that can switch up modes from one floor to another, you should always aim for those particular vacuums that specialize in your type of floor—especially if you have deep-set carpet.

The bare floors like tile, hardwood, and linoleum are relatively easy to clean with a vacuum but can also be cleaned better with specific adjustments or hard-floor attachments. Same goes for the carpet.

Vacuums designed specifically for hard floors might prove a bit of a challenge to get deep into the carpet, leaving bits of pet dander and hair still lodged into the flooring. As canister vacuums are mainly designed to clean hard floors, we suggest you look into upright vacuums is you have high-pile carpeting or many thick rugs.

FAQ on Canister Vacuums for pet hair

We know that making the choice of a specific vacuum for you, your pets, and your home can be overwhelming. First of all, you have to decide where to start—what are the most important features to you and how to check that off your list.

To help you out, here are our most frequently asked questions:

Is A Canister Vacuum The Right Choice For Me?

There are a few instances where a canister vacuum is a perfect choice for you. Whether you already have a full, traditional-style vacuum and are just looking for one that can easily be whipped out for a quick, convenient clean or you live in a smaller-sized home that just needs a powerful vacuum to fit its size, you can definitely find a canister vacuum to fit your needs.

 The type of floor you have might also affect the effectiveness of a canister vacuum in your home. If you have deep-set, thick carpeting all over your house, it might not be your best investment. Try and aim for the canister vacuum if you have a home full of bare floors or low-set carpet. Otherwise, have a look at upright vacuums which tend to do a deeper clean on thick high-pile carpets.

Can A Canister Vacuum Be Powerful Enough To Wipe Out Pet Hair?

Don’t let the small size and the lightweight nature of a canister vacuum fool you. If you make the investment in a high-quality canister vacuum, you can definitely get the job done. The ball, however, is in your court to do your research beforehand and make sure you're getting a vacuum that can foot the bill—no matter how expensive it is.

For example, if you have four afghan hounds, you might reconsider on a canister vacuum. But, for pugs and short-haired chihuahuas, these canister vacuums will definitely put you in a clean home once again. (Not limited to those breeds, however). As we mentioned before, have a look at our reviews to help you decide.

How To Choose The Right Canister Vacuum?

There’s a process to the budget. One of the most important features to consider here is the price. You can pick out the best vacuum in the world but if it doesn't meet your budget—forget about it.

After narrowing down the vacuums to your budget range, you can then choose the features most important to you, your lifestyle, your home, and your pet(s). You can also make the decision solely on personal preferences, so don’t ignore those either, when in doubt—go with your gut feeling!

When comparing one canister vacuum to other ones on the market, make sure to consider extra, additional features and attachments, the type of flooring you have, the allergies the residents in your home might have, the type of hair or quantity of hair that your pet has, and how often you will plan to vacuum. These questions are great to put under consideration when comparing one canister vacuum to another.

We hope that this guide along with our top three products have helped you narrow down your search on finding the perfect canister vacuum for you, your pet, and your household.

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