5 Benefits of Having a Canister Vacuum

Published on September 15th, 2020

Here is the States, we're used to using the traditional type of vacuum. You know, the one that stands up. However, there is another type of powerful corded vacuum cleaner you may have noticed is often used by cleaning companies in hotels and other such places. It's called a canister vacuum.

So if the professionals use canister vacuums, shouldn't we be as well? After all, they probably know what the best equipment in the business is.

Actually, canister vacuums are gaining popularity in residential use, and there are many great products available on the market.

But why should you change into a canister vacuum– what are the benefits of having one?

Let's dig a little deeper…

Here are 5 benefits you will see when using a canister vacuum:

Benefit 1: More powerful

Because canister vacuums have a separate unit for the motor and this main body does not have to be pushed and pulled to get the vacuuming done, the motor can be bigger and heavier. The larger motor equals better suction and more cleaning power.

Benefit 2: Light and easy to maneuver

So although canister vacuums can be more powerful, the vacuum's weight and maneuverability are not affected. Canister vacuums tend to be light and easy to move across floors and between furniture. The central unit stands on wheels and can easily be pulled along using the stretch hose.

Canister vacuums have a handle for carrying them between floors, but when you're using the vacuum, you only have the weight of the wand and cleaning head to carry.

Because of this feature, canister vacuums can be the ideal choice for people with less muscle power or mobility issues. Since you don't have to move the whole weight of the vacuum when vacuuming, using this machine takes much less effort.

blue canister vacuum

Benefit 3: Easy to reach under furniture

Another benefit with the canister vacuums' configuration is that the wand and cleaning head easily fit under furniture and appliances. Even if you have low-built furniture, the cleaning heads usually have a low-profile design that allows you to glide the vacuum under most items easily.

The traditional bulky vacuum cleaner that stands upright is usually way too big to fit under the bed or a larger couch. Bust bunnies are left to hide in those dark and hard-to-reach areas the vacuum can't reach, and with the next waft of air, they're out in the open again.

With a canister vacuum, all those small crevices and tight spaces are much easier to reach.

Benefit 4: Quieter

Because the bulkiness of the motor is not an issue with canister vacuums, engineers can create a quieter design. They can use more sound insulation or just design the motors so that it produces less noise.

Having a quieter vacuum will make it that much more comfortable to use. And as we mentioned before, canister vacuums are still very powerful. Because of their build suction power and quieter running sound can be combined into one vacuum without sacrificing usability.

Benefit 5: Easier to carry

Although canister vacuums may have larger motors and bigger bodies, they are usually quite compact and portable.

The vacuum body has a handle that makes carrying the vacuum convenient, and because of the shape on the vacuum, it's easy to pick it up. If you hate lugging your upright vacuum up and down the stairs, then you will love the practical design of canister vacuums.

Bottom Line

Most consumers buy the traditional type of vacuum because it's what they are used to. But many who try canister vacuums discover how smart the design is an don't want to go back to dragging an upright vacuum back and forth across the carpet.

There is a reason professionals use canister vacuums. They know the benefits of having a powerful vacuum cleaner that can be used easily and effortlessly. Why not be just as smart?

Matt Clayton
Matt Clayton
Chief Editor & Founder of PetHairPatrol

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