3 Reasons Why Stick Vacuums Are Ideal for Pet Homes

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Pet hair can be one of the most challenging things to clean up. It is persistent and stubborn, and it seems to cling onto everything.  As you know, pet hair will basically invade your whole home. Your floors are covered with it, and it collects into huge wads, covers your furniture and clothes – it even sticks to the drapes.

Sometimes you may feel it’s an endless battle to keep your home even at a reasonable level of clean.

And to make matters worse, there is a neverending supply of this nuisance at your home. Your cat or dog will shed throughout the year and even more during the shedding season.

The supply is not running out as long as you have a furry pet, so you just need to figure out a way to deal with it.

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What you need is a versatile vacuum that can adapt to any surface. And having a well-performing cordless stick vacuum is just what you’re looking for.

This is why:

1. Compact, yet powerful appliance

Stick vacuums are lightweight and easily maneuvered. Yet, they have powerful motors to offer excellent cleaning results. 

2. You can vacuum just about anything

Many stick vacuums have excellent attachments that will keep your floors and carpets clean and free of that nasty hair – without having to bend down. 

Most stick vacuums are quickly converted to handheld vacuums that you can use for all above-floor cleaning. You can detach the wand and pop on one of the useful attachments. With a handheld vacuum, you can easily remove pet hair from any surface, including your furniture, car seats, drapes, and carpeted stairs.

Since many stick vacuums have useful attachments included, you can use them everywhere. Most stick vacuums have brush-roll tools for floors and carpets, meaning that they are able not only to meticulously clean hard floors but also to lift pet hair that has been embedded in your carpets and rugs.

Dyson Cyclone V10 for pet hair

Many stick vacuums also have a motorized brush roll tool for upholstered items. This type of tool is the most efficient way of removing pet hair from your furniture, and you will always have a clean couch for your guests to sit on.

And not just pet hair, but dust, dander, and other dirt as well. Forget about your old duster. With a handheld vacuum and a dusting brush, you can dust surfaces without wafting those dust particles back into the air. Since they are adaptable, you can use them to vacuum just about anything!

3. Great for quick cleanups 

Because they are cordless, stick vacuums are easy to pick up for a quick cleanup. You can keep your stick vacuum charged and ready to go at all times. And because the best vacuum is the one that you love using, having a stick vacuum will make it easier to keep your home clean.

With a powerful stick vacuum, you will notice that vacuuming can be a no-sweat job you actually look forward to. 

And the best part? It will keep your home clean and help you win the battle against pet hair.

Matt Clayton

Matt Clayton

Chief Editor & Founder of PetHairPatrol

Matt is the founder of PetHairPatrol.com and has years of experience helping pet owners keep their homes clean. He's been featured in publications like Reader's Digest, Money, and BestLifeOnline. When this neat freak is not searching for better ways to get rid of pet hair, dander, and other messes pets leave behind, he's usually enjoying outdoors with his two (hairy) Goldens: Ben and Jerry. Read more.

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